The New Trailer for Netflix's ‘The Princess Switch’ Sequel Is Here (& There's a Third Lookalike This Time)

Netflix is giving us yet another reason to get excited for the holidays this year.

Vanessa Hudgens will be starring in the upcoming sequel to Netflix's The Princess Switch—and yes, we've already got a trailer and a premiere date!

In the new teaser, we see that Stacy is happily married to Prince Edward, but when it comes to Duchess Margaret (who inherits the throne) and her boyfriend, Kevin, there's trouble in paradise. This inspires Stacy to hatch a new plan that could save their troubled romance, but things get rather complicated when Margaret's rebellious lookalike cousin, Fiona (complete with a fabulous blonde wig), enters the picture.

In addition to reprising her former roles as both Stacy and Margaret, Hudgens also plays Fiona and serves as producer of the film. Mike Rohl returns as director while Nick Sagar reprises his role as Kevin and Suanne Braun returns as Mrs. Donatelli.

While Hudgens chatted about playing three characters in the film (a first for the High School Musical alum), Hudgens told EW, "After I read it I thought, 'Ooh man, this is going to be a lot of work.' Three of me? Me, myself, and I! I was very excited to create yet another character and had such a blast doing so. I was told they wrote in a new character but I had no idea how much fun it would actually be."

But while she described the filming process as "fun" and "challenging," she admitted that taking on three different roles "would totally mess with my head and everyone else’s." Totally understandable.

Fans can expect to see The Princess Switch: Switched Again on Nov. 19, exclusively on Netflix. And luckily, a third installment will also be added to complete The Princess Switch trilogy. The plot is still unknown, but it will be released sometime in 2021. We'll be patiently awaiting the details.  

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