Princess Elisabeth of Belgium Is Nearly Unrecognizable in Full Military Camouflage in New Royal Family Instagram Post

Crown Princess Elisabeth of Belgium made history in 2020 when she attended the Royal Military Academy in Brussels. Now more than halfway through her training, she’s no stranger to the military lifestyle, as evidenced by a new Instagram post from the Belgian Royal Palace that shows her in full military camouflage.

“Throughout July, Princess Elisabeth participated in the annual summer camp of the Royal Military Academy (KMS) as part of her military training,” the caption reads in both Dutch and French. “In this way she joined her PhD fellows who are completing their second academic year at the KMS with this camp.”

The video depicts her directing a troop and patrolling through the woods in military garb. She’s even donning camouflage face paint and a gun. It’s a far cry from her usual looks, which are typically regal and polished.

The academy is notoriously competitive, even for royals. Only 150 students are admitted annually, and all applicants are required to pass a basic military test and a difficult exam that’s in both French and Dutch. While at the academy, students hone their patrol and leadership skills, plus learn how to stay motivated and flexible in times of stress. Like her peers, Princess Elisabeth takes charge of a nine-person group from time to time. The academy teaches its students about all four Belgian branches of defense: Army, Air Force, Navy and Medical.

It’s impressive that she made the cut to begin with, but her participation is also sentimental to her family. Several of her relatives, including her father King Philippe, were educated there. Most notably, all her predecessors were men.

In addition to training, Princess Elisabeth still carries out her official royal duties. She’s also next in line for the crown, and she’ll automatically inherit the throne when her parents step down.

If only we’d been half as disciplined at 20 years old.

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