Wild New #1 Show on Netflix Takes Viewers on the Ultimate Treasure Hunt

Don’t tell the Kooks, but the Pogues have completely taken over Netflix yet again.

It hasn’t even been a whole week since Outer Banks season three premiered on the streaming service and it’s already climbed to the number one spot on the platform’s most-viewed shows list, surpassing Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal and Perfect Match. Per a new data report released by Netflix, the popular teen drama was watched for a whopping 154.97 million hours last week. 

Outer Banks season three picks up right where the previous left off, where we see John B and his friends (aka the “Pogues”) stranded on a deserted island they claim as their own, naming it “Poguelandia.” After they get rescued, the teens embark on a quest to find the biggest treasure of all: the city of gold, also known as El Dorado.

In our review, we raved about the number of “twists and turns” we’ve experienced in just the first two episodes of the new season—and we even hailed the latest installment as the “best one yet” in the series. (A bold statement to make, we know.)

Back in January, Netflix treated fans to a surprise teaser video on social media, which featured never-before-seen photos from the new season. 

The action-packed teaser video came months after the platform announced that the hit teen drama started production for season three back in February 2022. At the time, fans were greeted with a nice surprise when Netflix shared a BTS photo from the new season, where we got a chance to see the treasure-hunting crew on the land of Poguelandia.

The official Netflix account captioned the post, “Don’t call, don’t text. no service in poguelandia. OBX 3 is BACK IN PRODUCTION.”

Some cast members took the time to celebrate the news on social media. Madison Bailey, who plays Kiara on the show, reposted the photo to her Instagram page and wrote, “OBX3 is en route baby,” with a palm tree emoji.

Even actress Carlacia Grant (AKA Cleo and the newest Pogue member) wanted to commemorate the announcement and gave a special bday shoutout to her co-star Jonathan Daviss. “We de pon road! OBX3 is in production,” she wrote in the caption of an IG post. “It’s also @jonathandavissofficial birthday so go flood his comments.”

Back in December 2021, Netflix announced that Outer Banks was renewed for a third season. To celebrate the news, the cast members made a fun video with a special message for fans on social media.

The 48-second clip started with Stokes bringing breaking news from Poguelandia. “I’ve got an announcement. We’ve got incoming news. Drum roll, please,” the actor said. “Season 3 baby! We're coming back, season 3.”

Outer Banks follows a group of close-knit friends who embark on a journey to find long-lost treasure. When the first season premiered in April 2020, the show became an instant success. The second installment was just as much of a hit, topping the Netflix top 10 list in the U.S in July 2021.

Now, all we have to do is just wait for season 4...

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