All the Best Meme-Worthy Moments from the 2023 Oscars

Each year, we sit in front of our TVs with a bucket of popcorn and excitedly watch Hollywood's biggest night—the Academy Awards. However, while we tune in to the Oscars for the emotional speeches, the stunning red carpet fashion and the cutting jokes, we also love seeing our fave stars' candid reactions and backstage antics.

From Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson sitting on his Jungle Cruise co-star, Emily Blunt, to Andrew Garfield's goofy reaction during Jimmy Kimmel's opening monologue, these were the best meme-worthy moments from the 2023 Academy Awards.

1. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Sitting on Emily Blunt

After presenting the prize for Best Animated Feature together, these two Jungle Cruise co-stars got into some hijinks backstage. This photo perfectly captures their silly friendship, and Emily Blunt's facial expression is priceless.

2. Andrew Garfield Cheeses for the Camera

During host Jimmy Kimmel's opening monologue, he called out to a few different stars in the audience, referencing their action-focused characters. And when he mentioned Spider-Man, the camera panned to Garfield, who didn't seem to know how to respond—so he gave us this smile.

3. Jamie Lee Curtis Has Us Wondering Just What Exactly She Said

We have no idea what Jamie Lee Curtis said, but based on Nicole Kidman's keeled-over laughter, and Ana de Armas's shocked expression, we can bet you it was good.

ellisgraham hero
Robyn BECK/AFP/Getty Images

4. Ashley Graham Seeing Jay Ellis

Ashley Graham seeing Top Gun: Maverick heartthrob Jay Ellis at the Oscars is all of us if we were to run into Jay Ellis.

5. Hugh Grant Being Totally Over the Oscars Red Carpet

During a red carpet interview, Hugh Grant looked as if he wished he were anywhere else.

6. The Audience Members Peering Behind Tems's Dress

Singer Tems looked absolutely stunning in this white dress, however, we felt for the people who were sitting directly behind her.

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