Netflix Released a New Trailer for ‘The Innocent’ & It's Full of Murder, Lies and Suspense

Netflix is certainly the place to go for suspenseful streaming options. The site just added another title to its lineup that is sure to please anyone who loves a good murder mystery.

The Innocent is a new Spanish limited series based on Harlan Coben's 2005 novel of the same name. The adaptation will premiere on April 30 on Netflix, and based on this trailer, we're already itching to know more.

Netflix teases the story, saying, "An accidental killing leads a man down a dark hole of intrigue and murder. Just as he finds love and freedom, one phone call brings back the nightmare."

Basically, the series follows Mateo Vidal (Mario Casas), who spent nine years in prison after killing a man while trying to break up a fight. Now, he is trying to start over with his wife, Olivia. But when he receives a mysterious message while she is out of town, a flood of secrets are slowly revealed. Meanwhile, an investigator named Lorena Ortiz is digging into the suicide of a nun, and Mateo is one of her suspects.

Along with Casas, the cast includes Alexandra Jiménez (Lorena), Aura Garrido (Olivia), José Coronado (Teo) and Martina Gusmán (Kimmy). The Innocent was created and directed by Spanish filmmaker Oriol Paulo, who's the mastermind behind movies like The Invisible Guest (2017) and Mirage (2018). The episodes were written by Paulo, along with Jordi Vallejo and Guillem Clua.

If The Innocent is anything like Netflix's recent hit Behind Her Eyes, then we are all in.

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