Netflix Is Testing a Sleep Timer Feature for Users Who Doze Off Mid-Episode

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Say goodbye to the nights of waking in the middle of your favorite show and wondering what the heck is going on (we’re looking at you, Bridgerton and Firefly Lane). Netflix is currently in the midst of testing a brand-new self-timer feature on Andriod devices. And we can’t believe they didn’t think about this before. 

According to The Verge, the new setting will allow Android users to pause a show after a certain time has passed, without physically having to do so themselves. So, how exactly does it work? First, begin by playing content on your Android device. Next, click the clock in the upper right corner of the display labeled “Timer.” After selecting the feature, users can select between 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or “Finish Show” (which means Netflix will turn off at the end of whatever program is being watched). 

There are likely a few reasons the streaming platform is testing out this feature, including an attempt to conserve battery as well as to keep viewers from losing their place in the television show or movie. Not to mention, the feature can also be useful for parents looking to limit their children’s screentime (even though the timer is currently only available on ‘Adult’ profiles). 

Eventually, Netflix plans on bringing the timer feature to other devices, including TV sets, desktops and more. However, for now, they are leaving it to the lucky Android users to test it out. 


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