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Despite our better intentions, we all get a little sucked in by the unblemished promise of a new year. But whatever goals you might set for yourself—whether it’s to learn a new language, run ten miles a week or just upgrade your Insta game—these apps make them a little more attainable. (Or at the very least, give you something new to do on your phone.) 

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Like sparkly things? Then you need to download this app, stat: It basically supercharges the gleam of any reflective surface in your photos and videos (we can practically hear the accompanying twinkly chimes). Available on iOS

Lazy Jar

Another year, another set of resolutions waiting to be abandoned. Or maybe not: This aptly named app, which syncs with your Fitbit, has you choose weekly goals and attach a monetary penalty if you don’t follow through. But even if you don’t, you can still feel (sorta) good: 80 percent of the money then goes to charity. Available on iOS and Android


Oh, then there’s the resolution to finally get our finances in order. Empower helps you track your spending, pay down debt and improve your credit score—it even analyzes patterns and makes customized recommendations. Best of all, it’s super easy to use. Available on iOS

hq trivia app


If you’re a regular at your local quiz night (and/or enjoy shouting the answers while watching Jeopardy!), this mega-popular trivia app is right up your alley: Join live games against other players for the opportunity to win real cash (aka not just a bar tab). Available on iOS


Yes, there are a million travel apps out there, but this one (which recently launched on Android) is one of our favorites for finding cheap deals. In a nutshell, you add destinations to a travel wish list and the app gives you live updates if those prices drop. Available on iOS and Android


You have plenty of ways to get restaurant recommendations (friends, Yelp, food-obsessed editors), but keeping those recs handily organized is trickier. Enter SALT, which bookmarks places you want to try, lets you follow friends and tastemakers, shows you all your picks on a map and even lets you import your lists from elsewhere (like, say, that never-ending iPhone Note). Available on iOS 

Fluent Forever

OK, this one’s not even available yet, but it was the most-funded app on Kickstarter, ever, if that tells you anything. The premise is an unconventional (but actually very intuitive) way of learning languages that claims to have you fluent in as little as six months. Release is slated for fall 2018. Find out more

google translate app

Google Translate

Don’t have time to brush up before your next trip? The wizards at Google (of course) have a pretty amazing solution: The app will actually translate any printed text instantly via your camera. We’re living in the future, basically. Available on iOS and Android

Mobile Passport

Speaking of travel, if you’re a frequent overseas flyer, this app is a time-saving godsend for those from the U.S. and Canada: Just scan your passport and submit some key info through your device, then skip the regular line upon arrival. (It’s currently in use at 24 airports, including JFK and Newark.) Available on iOS and Android

5 Calls

You want to be a more active citizen, but you don’t know where to begin. This app boils down five major issues at stake—with concise, researched descriptions on why you should care—then connects you directly with the offices of your representatives (even providing a handy script, in case you get tongue-tied). Available on iOS and Android

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