Who Is Martin Henderson’s Girlfriend ? Here’s What We Know About the ‘Virgin River’ Star’s Dating History

Countless Virgin River fans have swooned at the sight of Martin Henderson as Jack, who charms his way into Melinda’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) heart on the Netflix series. Although we’ve enjoyed following the ups and downs of their romance, we want to know: Is Henderson single, taken or married? And if so, who is his girlfriend or wife?

In honor of Virgin River season 4, keep reading for details on the actor’s relationship status and dating history.

1. What Is Martin Henderson’s Relationship Status?

By the looks of his social media feed, the Grey’s Anatomy alum is currently seeing an unknown woman. According to Hello! magazine, he’s reportedly “dating a New Zealand-based interior designer.” He’s keeping their relationship private, but that didn’t stop him from sharing a photo of her kids on social media (see above).

Prior to his current relationship, Henderson previously dated a woman named Aisha Mendez. The last time they were spotted together was back in January 2021.

2. Who Is His Ex, Aisha Mendez?

Mendez is a Mexican model that Henderson started dating in April 2020, and they even quarantined together at a New Zealand hotel. In an Instagram post that has since been deleted, Henderson wrote, "Day 19 of isolation and we are both still alive. Thank goodness for the #pradacup, such amazing entertainment."

The actor shared plenty more snaps of their romantic outings, including their vacation to Baja California Sur, Mexico. In one caption, he wrote, “You make me laugh so much, @lalalaisha_.” These pics have been removed from his personal account, indicating that the two split up early in 2021.

Still, Mendez has a few pics of the two on her personal feed. In June, she shared a photo of the two embracing on a boat and captioned it, “Love you @martinhendersonofficial [heart emoji].”

3. Did Henderson Ever Date His ‘virgin River’ Co-star, Alexandra Breckenridge?

Contrary to what some might believe (which, considering their on-screen chemistry, is totally understandable), Henderson and Breckenridge have not dated in real life. In fact, Breckenridge has been happily married to her husband, Casey Hooper, since 2015.

4. Is It True That Henderson Dated Demi Moore?

It sure is. Back in 2012, after Moore split up with ex-husband Ashton Kutcher, Life & Style broke the news about the actress moving on with Henderson, who was 37 at the time. The two were photographed running errands together in Connecticut, and one source revealed that they were "very comfortable with each other." However, the couple eventually parted ways—although the timing of their split is unclear.

5. Does Henderson Have Any Children?

Nope, Henderson doesn’t have any kids, but he’s a proud dog dad to his adorable pet, Sammy. In one IG post, which featured a close-up shot of his pup, he wrote, “I love him so much. Even when he gets coated in fine sand and leaves it ALL over the boat.”

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