A Spoiler-Free ‘Manifest’ Season 4 Part 2 Review: Fans Are in for a Thrilling Ride

You'll want to fasten your seatbelts before you board Flight 828, because this final journey is an emotional one.

Seven months after the premiere of part one of Manifest season four, Netflix dropped the last 10 episodes of the sci-fi drama, which follows a group of airplane passengers who reappear after vanishing for five and a half years. And now, after four seasons of trying to decode what felt like a never-ending puzzle, we'll still haven't quite pieced everything together.

The show provides just enough clues to reveal what really happened on the plane, but without clearly spelling out how it took place. Also, certain mysteries from past seasons haven't been fully resolved. But even as we ponder these unanswered questions, we're guessing that this move was totally intentional. Because what better way to conclude a supernatural drama that thrived on keeping fans on their toes?

Following the events of part one, everything has gone downhill for the 828ers. As many predicted, Mick (Melissa Roxburgh), Ben (Josh Dallas) and the rest of the passengers are held in detention centers like criminals. This only complicates matters because they're unable to follow their callings as the death date approaches. Worse yet, Angelina continues to abuse her newfound powers to fulfill her misguided mission. But then, Cal (Ty Doran) proves to be a beacon of hope when a mythological event occurs.

Much of the final 10 episodes are almost painful to watch because the 828ers suffer so many low blows—to the point where it feels inhumane. However, it's heartwarming to see how these struggles have bonded them like a family. It's also incredible to see how so many of these characters have grown. For instance, some of the show's biggest villains turn out to have redeeming qualities. And even as Mick mourns the death of her husband, she rises to the occasion as co-captain of the lifeboat.

manifest season 4 part 2 review

As usual, the performances are fantastic. Among the standouts is none other than Holly Taylor, who brought such depth to Angelina's villainous character that you can't help but empathize with her. The same can be said for Eagan (Ali Lopez-Sohaili), the wise-cracking con man, and Adrian (Jared Grimes), one of the most complex characters in the series.

As for how the series ends, some might find it a tad predictable. It doesn't perfectly tie up all loose ends, but it offers just enough closure to keep fans satisfied. Certain questions are purposely left unanswered so that viewers can fill in the blanks for themselves. And then of course, there's the core message of the power of forgiveness, helping others and working as a team that remains ever present.

manifest unanswered questions 7 1

Our only bone to pick with these final episodes is the pacing. There are certain storylines that feel rushed, which we half-expected, given that the show's writers had to cram two more seasons' worth of content into just 10 episodes. Still, an even simpler storyline—minus the addition of subplots and romances that are barely explored—may have added to the strength of the finale.

The final 10 episodes of Manifest are now available on Netflix.

PureWow Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Manifest season 4 part 2 is a thrilling and emotional ride, with strong performances and even more head-scratching mysteries to unpack. It doesn't answer every question, but it reveals just enough to give fans some closure.

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