13 ‘Manifest’ Characters, Ranked from Worst to Best

Manifest is one of the most compelling supernatural dramas to ever grace the small screen, thanks to its bizarre storylines, spiritual themes and jaw-dropping twists. But if you ask us, it’s the incredible characters that really make this show shine.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Netflix series, it revolves around a group of passengers who board a plane (Flight 828) that vanishes for five years. As they struggle to navigate a world that has moved on without them, the group—also known as 828ers—start to hear mysterious voices known as “callings.” 

Keep reading for a complete list of Manifest characters, ranked from worst to best.

manifest characters angelina
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13. Angelina Meyer

Many agree that her fascinating journey from troubled victim to full-blown villain makes her one of the more complicated characters on the show. At first, everyone empathizes with her because of the trauma inflicted by her parents, who undoubtedly contributed to her mental and emotional instability. So, yes, we know that her actions aren’t entirely her fault. But boy, does she morph into a terrifying villain. 

After nearly killing Eden, Angela murders the child’s mom, kidnaps her and goes on the run. And by season four, she secures the powerful sapphire and uses it for fake callings. Her sense of right and wrong goes completely out the window, and the fact that she looks so innocent and harmless makes her all the more intriguing as a villain.

manifest characters eagan

12.  Eagan Tehrani

Every show has at least one character we love to hate. And when it comes to Manifest, Eagan clearly fits the bill. He’s an entertaining character to watch, thanks to his funny one-liners, but he also incredibly selfish and, at times, impulsive. Remember when he steals the sapphire? Or when he breaks into Vance’s house and kidnaps his son in season three? Throughout the series, it’s clear that he’s looking out for himself first, regardless of how it might affect the other 828ers.

manifest characters grace

11. Grace Stone 

Grace is put in the most awkward situation when her husband, who was presumed dead for five years, suddenly reappears with their son. And it doesn’t help that she’s already moved on with someone else. But anyone who has seen the first season will agree that she could’ve handled the situation with a bit more…well, grace. For one, we suspect that Grace would’ve hid the truth from Ben about Danny, had it not been for Olive. 

But fortunately, she becomes more patient and supportive in the following seasons, especially when it comes to Ben’s efforts to figure out the callings.

manifest characters olive

10. Olive Stone 

Perhaps you’re tempted to write off her behavior as a result of being an overwhelmed teenager. And we get it. (Sort of.) Dealing with adolescence is challenging enough without losing your mom, having your baby sister kidnapped and trying to unravel a huge mystery that affects your family. Still, Olive takes us through a rollercoaster of emotions with her questionable behavior and fluctuating moods. 

One minute, she’s being rebellious and the next, she’s trying to help her family. Then, she jeopardizes her romance with TJ by kissing Levi. And she jumps at the opportunity to befriend Angelina, calling her “family” not long before she flips the switch and treats her like an enemy. Fortunately, by season four, we see some real signs of growth—especially when she helps her brother.

manifest characters adrian
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9. Adrian Shannon

Yes, he has some wildly accurate predictions in season one, but it doesn't excuse the fact that he establishes a cult, abuses his power and manipulates people for his own benefit. Worse yet, he makes some questionable decisions that backfire. 

Even so, it seems like Adrian doesn’t necessarily want to be evil. In fact, as the seasons progress, he tries to do what he believes is right, but his sense of morality is shaky, and he’s often on the fence when it comes to making big decisions. Given how his character has developed so far, it’s possible that he’ll have a redemption arc. But if that’s the case, he still has quite a way to go.

manifest characters jared

8. Jared Vasquez 

Losing Michaela to someone else has hardened Jared, but it doesn’t land him squarely in “villain” territory. However, it does make him selfish. When Mick returns, he tries to convince her to be with him again, multiple times. And when she finds love with her new partner, Zeke, he doesn’t take it very well.

So, naturally, Jared almost fools us when he joins the Xers—a hate group that targets Flight 828 passengers. It’s later revealed that he is working undercover to destroy the group from within. Although he is emotionally scarred, he still does what he can to help Mick and her family, which counts for something.

manifest characters ben
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7. Ben Stone  

Ben is introduced as a kind and compassionate family man, but following the return of Flight 828, his true colors are revealed. And while his intentions are usually good, his desperation often pushes him to be impulsive, whether he’s heading to Cuba to rescue an NSA agent or blindly following the callings. 

But despite his flaws, it’s worth noting that Ben has a lot on his shoulders, from the death of his wife to the kidnapping of his daughter. And while he takes some drastic measures, he simply wants to protect his family.

manifest characters cal

6. Cal Stone

Confession—we have mixed feelings about Cal. On one hand, he’s just a little kid who’s  battling health issues, dealing with loss and navigating a confusing, impossible experience in the best way he knows how. As the key to unraveling a mystery, he’s under a lot of pressure. But that said, he makes some awful decisions.

For example, he gives Angelina access to Eden, despite what she’s done. It’s a seriously dangerous move—one that leads to Grace losing her life. But given his stronger connection to the callings, it’s possible that he already knew what would happen.

manifest characters mick
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5. Michaela Stone 

Mick is laser-focused when it comes to investigating the callings and Flight 828. But she’s affected by several life events, including losing Evie and coping with her failed engagement. 

Mick tries to take the high road and accept this new reality. She returns to being a detective and works diligently to figure out the 828 mystery alongside Ben. Meanwhile, she juggles these responsibilities with callings that are outside of her control, but they never shake her to the point where she loses control. 

manifest characters tj

4. TJ Morrison

We’ll admit, we have a soft spot for TJ. In season 1, he’s a kind and thoughtful person who genuinely wants to help the Stone family. And though he nearly loses his life, it doesn’t stop him from digging for answers. So, you can imagine our disappointment when Olive—his girlfriend—gets cozy with Levi in season three. It seems like he is all but forgotten when he leaves for Egypt to follow a lead connected to Egyptian mythology. But thankfully, he returns and gets right back to business, proving he’s more than just eye candy for Olive (and, well, us).

manifest characters saanvi
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3. Saanvi Bahl 

She’s a brilliant medical researcher who goes to great lengths to help fellow passengers of Flight 828. She drowns herself in work, sacrifices sleep and even risks her health by experimenting on herself with a potential “cure” for the callings. 

Unfortunately, her love life is in shambles. She develops PTSD after killing the Major and suffers dangerous side effects from her experimental treatment. Worse yet, she has no support system or loved ones to help her process the trauma. Fortunately, Vance proves to be a trusted confidant. But given her efforts and what she’s been through, Saanvi deserves a happy ending.

manifest characters vance
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2. Robert Vance 

He is the first person to question the passengers when Flight 828 lands, and it seems like his intentions aren’t good. But over time, he becomes a wise and powerful ally to 828ers and launches his own underground investigation. He risks his life and his livelihood to get to the bottom of what happened on that flight. And he even grows attached to some of the 828 passengers, offering support to Saanvi and helping Ben even though he fails to reciprocate any of that support. Vance consistently stands up for his beliefs and carries himself with authority, but he never sacrifices his compassion. And that makes him one of the most likable characters on the show.

manifest characters zeke
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1. Zeke Landon 

Like so many others on this list, Zeke goes through a lot. During Eden’s kidnapping and Michaela’s struggle to spearhead the lifeboat without her grief-stricken brother, Zeke holds his own. In fact, he becomes the glue that holds the Stones together. He takes on a steady job as a counselor to cover their bill. He becomes the voice of reason when he sees Ben neglecting his family. He becomes the big brother that Cal needs. And he becomes Mick’s rock as she deals with the chaos of the callings. 

Of course, this isn’t meant to suggest that Zeke is perfect. He battles inner demons and struggles with guilt. And he starts drinking again after years of sobriety. But he bounces back, proving his maturity and desire to make things right. His selfless nature and his growth throughout the show make his final scene even more heartbreaking to watch.

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