As we’re watching Manifest, we keep wondering where we’ve seen the actors before. Now that Netflix has renewed the series for a fourth (and final) season after it was canceled by NBC, we came up with a solution and compiled a complete list of the Manifest cast, along with details on what else they’ve starred in. Keep scrolling for details.

manifest cast melissa roxburgh
Peter Kramer/NBC

1. Melissa Roxburgh

What else she’s been in: Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Star Trek Beyond, Supernatural, Travelers

While Melissa Roxburgh is no stranger to the entertainment industry, she’s often remembered for portraying Ensign Syl in Star Trek Beyond.

manifest cast josh dallas
Peter Kramer/NBC

2. Josh Dallas

What else he’s been in: Once Upon a Time, Thor, Doctor Who, Hawaii Five-0

His first major role was starring as Prince Charming in Once Upon a Time, where he met his now-wife Ginnifer Goodwin.

manifest cast athena karkanis
Peter Kramer/NBC

3. Athena Karkanis

What else she’s been in: Suits, Skyland, Saw IV, Almost Heroes, Lost Girl, Total Drama, The Expanse, Zoo, House of Cards

That’s right. Athena Karkanis previously starred alongside Meghan Markle in Suits.

manifest cast jr ramirez
Peter Kramer/NBC

4. J.R. Ramirez

What else he’s been in: House of Payne, Hacienda Heights, Emily Owens M.D., Arrow, Power, Jessica Jones

He has an impressive resume, but he’s widely recognized for playing Oscar Arocho in Jessica Jones.

manifest cast luna blaise
Peter Kramer/NBC

5. Luna Blaise

What else she’s been in: Fresh Off the Boat, The Breakdown

One of her most noteworthy roles is Nicole in Fresh Off the Boat.

manifest cast jack messina
Peter Kramer/NBC

6. Jack Messina

What else he’s been in: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

While Manifest is considered his big break, he also had a guest role in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

manifest cast parveen kaur
Peter Kramer/NBC

7. Parveen Kaur

What else she’s been in: Beyond, Workin' Moms, Saving Hope, The Strain

You may recognize her as Christine from Beyond or Dr. Asha Mirani from Saving Hope.

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