10 'Manifest' Season 4 Part 2 Theories That Actually Make Sense

*Warning: Major spoilers ahead*

To say that Manifest season four has been a wild ride would be a huge understatement. Part one concluded with Zeke saving Cal, Dr. Gupta double-crossing Saanvi, Angelina getting the Omega Sapphire and, worse yet, volcanic fissures forming throughout the city. Is this the start of an apocalypse? And what does this mean for the passengers of Flight 828? 

Fortunately, in less than two weeks, fans will get some answers. But until then, we’re combing through some of the biggest Manifest season 4 part 2 theories that totally blew our mind. 

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1. It Was All a Dream

Since Cal was terminally ill at the beginning of the series, some fans believe that he fell into a coma either before or after his family traveled to Jamaica. This means that all the events from “before” didn't really happen. Instead, he heard what was going on around him, and this caused him to weave an elaborate tale in his head. 

As for the fellow passengers of Flight 828, a fan explained on Reddit, “I feel like all the people who were on the ‘plane’ are patients. Sahnvi is obviously a doctor. She has all her doctor friends and researchers who are helping her find a cure for Cal. Then, you have all of Cal's family with their issues going on and people in their lives. Zeke must be a patient as well.”

The fan also noted that his burns could be chemical burns from having radiation therapy, and the lifeboat theory may be a metaphor for Cal's “lifeforce being diminished.”

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2. Trapped in a Parallel World

Imagine there is a parallel universe with a different version of Flight 828 and the Stone family. Perhaps the original Flight 828 crashed on another planet, or Earth 2, while the passengers from Earth 2 landed on Earth 1, causing a butterfly effect.

One Redditor explained, "The show starts off on Earth 2 with our passengers, and as they leave Jamaica and enter the storm with dark matter, they are actually entering a dimension warp. Cal is the only one awake when this occurs and sees this happening, but I think something else may have happened. I think Cal could have been looking directly at himself on the parallel plane from Earth 1 as they switched dimensions with each other.”

They added, “Due to this time warp, our Earth 2 passengers are transported five years into the future without aging one single bit. Hence, they land and pass all the tests as being the original passengers from Flight 828 because they have the exact same makeup as the original Earth 1 passengers.”

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3. The Callings Are from the Passengers Themselves

This theory suggests that each passenger willingly spent time in the divine consciousness for over five years because they were happy and at peace. However, they were also aware of the fate of the world, and they wanted to do something about it.

A fan wrote, “They had achieved divine consciousness. With this, however, came one problem: they knew what was about to happen to the rest of the world. They knew the world had an expiration date. So, as a group, they made the decision to go back and save everyone. By going back, they also knew they would forget everything. So, they found a way to get their own messages to themselves. They used the black box to record their messages, mixed with memories that they had while in the divine (which also included things that they could see and understand).” Whoa…

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4. Michaela Is Pregnant with Zeke’s Child

Quite a few fans have picked up on this, because in season four, Michaela mentions multiple times that she doesn’t want to be a mom. Is this foreshadowing a future pregnancy? A fan on Reddit wrote, “Michaela said about THREE times she doesn't want children. Which, I am about 95% sure means she's going to find out she is pregnant after Zeke dies. It was just too many mentions of something that didn't even need to be mentioned.”

Another fan pointed out, “There were two comments from Michaela that I remember, one in an earlier episode about her not wanting kids after Zeke makes an offhand comment about two kids and a white picket fence. Michaela's comment seemed a bit out of place, but I dismissed it. But then at Michaela and Zeke's anniversary dinner, she made a comment about how Ben had to be the bad guy and that was why she didn't want kids. One comment is fair enough, but two? In separate episodes? There was also a little comment that Ben made about Michaela being the fun aunt which also seems related.”

Fans aren’t sure how this would advance the overall story, but one fan theorized that a baby would “give her some sense of peace that part of Zeke is still with her.” Makes sense.

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5. And That Child Will Give Michaela New Abilities

If Michaela is really pregnant, it’s very likely that Zeke’s empathetic abilities will be passed down to his child. And much like how Grace developed the ability to have callings while pregnant with Ben’s daughter, perhaps Zeke’s child will give her the newfound ability to feel—and take away—the emotions of other people, as one fan noted in their Reddit comment.

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6. There Will Be a Battle of Different Sapphires

According to one fan, the final showdown will involve different sapphire stones and explore the connection to the Stone family’s name.

“So far, we know that sapphire holds the ultimate power to control the calling,” they wrote. “There have been a lot of theories pointing out to how the word sapphire stone is literally in the names of the Stone family. So far, we know that Cal has a sapphire dragon. As u/bellep82 and u/carryonbag pointed out, Michela has a white sapphire engagement ring. This leads me to think that Ben will also have some kind of sapphire linked to him in part two.”

They added, “Grace wears a sapphire necklace multiple times in season three, thus it's likely that Ben will use that as his Sapphire weapon. Now, we also know that Angelina has Sapphire embedded into her. Therefore, it's likely that the final battle will involve the Battle of the Sapphires that destroys Angelina.”

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7. Cal (AKA Gabriel) Is Actually Noah from Noah’s Ark

We already saw a connection to Noah’s Ark in season three, when a piece of driftwood believed to be part of the ark surfaced. Saanvi also discovered traces of sapphire in the wood. So, it can’t be a coincidence that there’s a connection between his fake name (Gabriel) and Noah, a well-known figure who helped save humanity after following God’s command to build an ark.

One fan wrote, “In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the angel Gabriel is indeed the same individual as the prophet, Noah. And yes, this is the same Noah from Noah’s Ark. But what significance does Noah’s Ark have? The sapphire effusion. What does Cal have embedded into his skin? Sapphire.” 

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8. 828ers Will be Locked Away & Treated Like Criminals

In episode ten, the authorities announced they are detaining all 828 passengers “until further notice,” so it’s very likely that 828ers will be locked up and isolated since they’re seen as a threat.

One Reddit user said, “It will start with a brief time skip revealing most of the Passengers have been arrested, though a few are in hiding. The authorities sidestep constitutional rights violations by passing it off that they're merely being detained until they figure out the hallucinations.” 

They continued, “The move has caused mass controversy, to the point where people are protesting outside the facility. Despite claims of humane treatment, in reality, the facility itself is little better than a concentration camp. With Eagan snarking about how he warned everyone this was coming and Adrian trying to keep people's spirits up, most are convinced they're going to die and wonder if the world should end.”

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9. The Divine Ultimately Decides What’s “Real”

As the passengers figure out their callings and struggle to navigate the aftermath of Flight 828, one fan suggests that the Divine is actively working behind the scenes to control the outcome.

The fan said, “Whatever force is behind the disappearances/reappearances and callings (let's just call it "The Divine") is actively moving reality toward one of two realities, based on the passengers' actions: (1) The plane exploded and crashed into the ocean, (2) the plane safely arrived in New York on time, with no time delay.”

They continued, “Ultimately, the Divine decides which reality becomes ‘true’. Passengers' actions will push their reality toward either outcome, depending on what they do. Ultimately, only one outcome will ‘become real.’” 

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10. ​​Sarah Fitz Will Re-Emerge as a Villain

In case you need a refresher, Sarah is The Major’s daughter and ex-girlfriend of Jared. She doesn’t play a major role, but many believe she’ll make a surprise comeback after looking into her mother's disappearance. And this wouldn’t be the best news for 828ers… 

A fan shared on Reddit, “I feel like Sarah's introduction into the series was too 'random,’ she doesn't add as much to the plot, but seems to be important anyhow. I think she will probably have known about her mother's research all along and may pull something out of her sleeve in the final episodes.”

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