5 Things You Didn’t Know About Louriza Tronco (aka Gabrielle in Netflix’s ‘The Order’)

If you’ve been watching Netflix’s The Order, you probably recognize Louriza Tronco, who plays Gabrielle Dupres in the popular fantasy series.

PureWow recently sat down for an interview with the 26-year-old actress, who shared exclusive details about what’s to come in The Order season two, which hits Netflix on June 18. Keep scrolling for deets about the actress and the show’s sophomore season.

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1. She's Back For Season 2 Of Netflix's 'the Order'

The Order tells the story of Jack Morton, a young college student who joins a secret society that catapults him into a world of monsters, werewolves and dark magic—oh my! Tronco plays Gabrielle Dupres, one of Jack’s classmates who just so happens to be a neophyte. According to the actress, season two of The Order will pick up right where things left off.

“It’s basically going to start off right where we left off in season one with the big cliffhanger. The werewolves were powdered, and they’ve lost their memory,” Tronco told PureWow. “Throughout the season, you’ll see how The Order tries to benefit from the werewolves’ powers and the fact that they don’t remember what happened.”

Tronco also teased more conflict between Gabrielle and Vera (Katharine Isabelle), adding, “We actually see her and Vera butt heads a lot this season. Because she is trying to get back on good terms with The Order, she’s given an assignment to check up on Jack a lot, making sure that he does not get back his memories. And she uses that to her advantage and decides to make him her little passion project.”

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2. She Previously Worked With Several Cast Members

When Tronco got the part, she was pleased to learn she’d be working alongside a few familiar faces, including Sarah Grey (Alyssa Drake) and Adam DiMarco (Randall Carpio).

“A lot of us were actually friends before, like Sarah [Grey] and I had known each other for a year before doing the show. I’ve also worked with Adam DiMarco before on a movie called Zapped, so there were a lot of familiar faces,” Tronco said. And then added, “It’s a dream job.”

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3. She's Hopeful 'the Order' Will Return For Season 3

Netflix hasn’t renewed The Order for season three, but Tronco is “hopeful” about what’s to come. “We would like to do another season, but ultimately it’ll all depend on the numbers,” she said. “If it’s going to be green-lit, I am definitely wanting to be on board.”

When asked about where she sees Gabrielle’s story line progressing, Tronco confirmed the writers have something in the works. “I’m always surprised every single time I receive a new script,” she told PureWow. “Gabrielle has a lot coming up, which I’m really excited for everyone to see. I would not have imagined it going this way.”

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Courtesy of John Tronco

4. She's Currently Self-isolating With Her Brother

Tronco is quarantining with her brother, John, who just so happens to be a photographer. Although the entertainment industry is currently on hold, Tronco hopes to use her platform for the greater good, especially since she’s the daughter of two Filipino immigrants.

“It’s a huge opportunity to reflect on how I can use my voice, my platform and my experience as a person of color to help fight against racism and injustice,” she told PureWow.

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5. She Keeps A Gratitude Journal

During this time of social distancing, it’s easy to get distracted by negativity. So, Tronco keeps a detailed journal, where she not only discusses her day, but she also lists what she’s grateful for. “For me personally, journaling involves saying a line of gratitude of what I am grateful for today, specifically,” she explained. “And then I write a line of, ‘OK, what can I do today? And what can I focus on to help for tomorrow?’”

We’re totally stealing this idea.

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