Who Is Lee Jung-Jae's Girlfriend? More on His Relationship Status

Lee Jung-jae has skyrocketed to stardom after playing the lead role in Netflix's gripping survival drama, Squid Game—and for good reason. The show has since dethroned Bridgerton as the streaming platform's most-watched debut ever, and critics have been raving about Jung-jae’s performance. You might recall that his character, Seong Gi-hun, doesn't have much luck in the romance department. But what about Jung-jae’s real-life relationship with his girlfriend? 

Keep reading for a full breakdown of the South Korean actor’s dating history.

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1. What is Jung-jae’s relationship status?

In 2015, the Squid Game star confirmed that he’s in a relationship with his girlfriend, South Korean entrepreneur Im Se-ryeong. And as of now, the pair are still together.

2. Who is Im Se-Ryung?

Im Se-ryeong currently serves as the vice president of Daesang Group—a major food company in Korea. She’s also a mother of two and was previously married. 

Se-ryeong is somewhat of a Korean celebrity because she’s a member of one of the country’s most wealthy and powerful families.

3. How did they meet?​​

Jung-jae and Se-ryung first met in 2005 through a mutual friend, although they didn’t pursue a romantic relationship right away. By 2010, the dating and marriage rumors started to surface. But it wasn’t until January 2015—when the two were spotted together on a date—that Jung-jae confirmed their relationship.

4. Are they Instagram official?

The couple has been private about their romance, refusing to share photos on social media. However, they’ve been spotted together on the red carpet. Earlier this year, Se-Ryung joined her partner at the Cannes Film Festival to support his directorial debut, The Hunt.

As for why the couple prefers to keep their romance on the DL, Jung-jae said in a statement, “Since Im Se-ryung is a mother of two children, I want to prevent Im Se-ryung and her family from being hurt or their privacy being violated.”

5. Did they ever tie the knot?

The marriage rumors are aplenty, but as of now, it appears that Jung-jae and Se-ryung have yet to walk down the aisle. Still, we suspect that if they do tie the knot, it’ll be a low-key, private affair.

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