Laura Linney took Hollywood by storm long before she became the ambitious Wendy Byrde on Netflix's Ozark. The Emmy Award-winning actress starred in a number of well-known films, including Primal Fear, The Truman Show, Love Actually and the Academy Award-nominated film, You Can Count On Me. Not to mention, Linney also has a number of stage credits under her belt, from Hedda Gabler to the 2002 Broadway revival of The Crucible.

But what about about the star's private life—or more specifically, Laura Linney's husband? When did the actress get married? And does she have any children? Read below for all the details.

laura linney husband marc schauer
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1. Who is Laura Linney's Husband?

Linney is currently married to Marc Schauer, a real estate agent from Telluride, Colorado. Since Schauer leads a relatively private life, not much is known about his background. However, it's been rumored that he went to school in New York and skipped college to pursue his career in real estate.

2. How did Linney and Schauer meet?

Linney met her husband while he was working as a host at the 2004 film festival in Telluride, Colorado. The actress told The New York Times, "He was the guy who said, ‘Hi, welcome to Telluride.’ He was a V.I.P. host, a liaison between the town and the festival. He was assigned to me for the weekend."

Once they hit it off, Linney was acutely aware of their chemistry. She continued, "I remember looking at him at one point and going: ‘Am I attracted to this man? Am I attracted to my handler? What is going on?' It was so unlike me. It was a big surprise: ‘Oh, I’m feeling something. That’s nice. I’m feeling something. Just chill."

After the event, the pair exchanged emails and set up another meeting in Chicago. And when they reunited, Linney recalled, "I looked at him and every anxiety just vanished. And I thought, 'Oh, this is going to be fine.' And we fell very hard for each other very quickly."

3. When did Linney and Schauer get married?

After the couple got engaged in 2007, they wed in an outdoor ceremony in May of 2009. On the big day, actor Liam Neeson walked Linney down the aisle, even though he'd lost his own wife (and Linney's close pal), Natasha Richardson, just two months prior.

Linney's friend and author Armistead Maupin was present for the ceremony. He told The New York Times, "It was an astonishing moment, a celebration of love and loss, being given equal treatment."

4. Do Linney and Schauer have any children?

They definitely do. In January of 2014, the couple welcomed their son, Bennett Armistead Schauer. But Linney, who gave birth at 49, kept the pregnancy quiet at the time.

During an interview with Kelly Ripa, she explained, "Well, I was an older mother-to-be, and it had taken me a very long time to have a child. I wanted to make sure that my child actually arrived, and was safe and healthy. I was just very, very quiet about it—I didn’t hide it intentionally, I just didn't advertise it. So, it was the right thing for me and my family."

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