This Is Actually Jennifer Lopez’s Worst Movie (& It Isn’t ‘Gigli’…)

If you’ve ever wondered, What is Jennifer Lopez’s worst movie?, you’re not alone. Despite her solid acting chops, the question has fueled a years-long discussion that needs to be settled once and for all.

On last week’s episode of PureWow’s Stream On podcast, co-hosts Phil Mutz and Rachel Gulmi discussed J.Lo’s extensive resume and determined which movie is her worst. Although Gigli and Marry Me are close contenders, Mutz explained that—drumroll, please—Anaconda is Lopez’s most cringe-worthy film. (Click below to hear more.)

At the 19-minute mark above, Mutz reveals that he’s putting a “Classic Spotlight” on the movie Anaconda, which stars Lopez, Jon Voight and Owen Wilson. “I hadn’t seen it in so long, and I was like, ‘Oh, I have fond memories of this movie,’” Mutz says. “I loved Jennifer Lopez at the time.”

The co-host goes on to explain why the 1997 flick “doesn’t really hold up” compared to recent movies with high-tech CGI. The debate doesn’t diss J.Lo’s career or acting in any way. It does, however, highlight a few flaws of the popular rom-com. (Skip to the 20-minute mark to hear Mutz’s full explanation.)

In the episode, Mutz and Gulmi also discuss other entertainment news, like The Real World’s hot mess reunion and Winona Ryder’s welcomed return in Stranger Things. Plus, the co-hosts also share their thoughts on Love on the Spectrum U.S., Shoresy and Prehistoric Planet.

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