Is ‘The Morning Show’ Accurate? A Broadcast Expert Explains What the Show Got Right (& Wrong)

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As we’re watching The Morning Show on Apple TV+ (for the millionth time), we can’t help but wonder if the creators did their homework to ensure accuracy. 

The drama series follows a seasoned TV anchor (Steve Carell) who’s fired after sexual allegations are filed against him. The problem? His friend and former lover, Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston), is his co-host, and she’s less than thrilled about his absence. And when the network brings in a young new reporter named Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon), it only complicates things further.

With three seasons under our belts (and a fourth on the way), we’re curious to know if The Morning Show is accurate. For example, is it a true recreation of the fast-paced broadcast industry? And is it actually that stressful to be a news anchor?

We sat down with Stacie Krajchir, who previously worked as a morning show producer. Here’s what she had to say.

Meet the expert:

Stacie Krajchir is a former morning show producer who worked for NBC for 9 years. She’s now an on-air contributor for various networks, including KTLA and Extra TV.

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1. Is The Morning Show Accurate?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. “There are many things about the show that are realistic,” Krajchir told PureWow. “The early morning routines, the race to get the best story, the reporters who are willing to wake up, travel and do whatever it takes to get on air and dream of becoming an anchor, and the small town reporters working in small markets to get to the big show—all of that is true.”

Krajchir explained that her experience might be different than others, since she worked for a female boss. “My executive producer was fairly young and a woman, which was pretty rare at the time,” she said. “She was definitely not the norm. I had friends who worked for men and I heard very different stories from them.”

Despite her positive experience, Krajchir revealed that The Morning Show gave her flashbacks of working in the male-dominated industry. “It was definitely a boy’s club. The male anchors and the sports anchors always seemed to get the seats they wanted, whereas the women were in constant rotation—as if they were being casted—to see who best fit the male anchors,” she added.

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2. What Did The Morning Show Get Right?

Well, way more than we expected. Not only did The Morning Show perfectly recreate the on-set vibe of a fast-paced production, but it also nailed the employee-boss dynamic. “The hierarchy of anchor/talent versus producer/show booker is on point,” Krajchir said. “Producers who were just starting their careers didn’t generally ‘hang out’ with the anchors. Later in my career, it was different.”

She continued, “There was generally very little gratitude from anchors about how hard producers below them worked to make them look good. They were just handed a script and read from the teleprompter into your home.”

Of course, Krajchir noted that every situation is different and confirmed The Morning Show highlights every worst-case scenario. “And then there were those exceptional anchors, who treated producers equally and went out of their way to help elevate you or recognized your efforts,” she added.

It’s important to mention that some of the characters—like Bradley Jackson—are “a bit far-fetched.” However, Krajchir said that Bradley’s background story of “finding a star in a small market is realistic.”

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3. What Did The Morning Show Get Wrong?

For starters, Krajchir explained that there are a few minor technicalities, since morning shows aren’t very glamorous behind-the-scenes—that is, until the production hits a national level. “The dressing room thing—our anchor talent didn’t have that. That is a national show ritual and perk,” she said. And then added, “The yelling and dramatics in the control room, we didn’t have that.”

Krajchir also admitted that while there were plenty of tense moments on the sets she’s worked on, they weren’t nearly as serious as what’s shown on The Morning Show. “Our crew of producers were way stressed out for sure, but we had a lot of fun!” she added. “We laughed so much, and we would remind ourselves, ‘We’re producing TV. It’s not heart surgery.’ We reminded ourselves, ‘We’re not that important.’”

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4. When Is The Morning Show Returning for Season Four? 

Unfortunately, Apple TV+ hasn't announced an official release date for The Morning Show season four. The streamer renewed the drama series ahead of the season three premiere back in September 2023. And if it’s anything like the previous installments, then we expect another dramatic (yet fairly realistic) season.

BRB, re-watching The Morning Show from episode one.


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