This New Home Invasion Thriller Just Became the #1 Movie on Netflix After Only Two Days

For fans of chilling, edge-of-your-seat flicks like Panic Room and The Strangers, Netflix's newest movie, Intrusion, will definitely be of interest.

This new twisty drama from the screenwriter of Buried takes a typical home invasion story and puts a whole new spin on it. With Intrusion, viewers watch a couple deal with the aftermath of someone breaking into their home, which forces the husband (Logan Marshall-Green) to kill the invader in an act of self defense. However, when the wife (Freida Pinto) starts investigating why they were targeted, she learns that there is a lot more mystery shrouding this event than she could have ever imagined.

The original film was released only two days ago, and it has already jumped into the number-one spot on the streaming site's list of top movies. Check out the trailer below.

“I can't sleep. Not until I know what they were after,” Pinto says in the clip. But when she begins to snoop, her husband becomes more terrifying with each clue she uncovers...and she begins to wonder who she can trust.

Along with Pinto and Marshall-Green, Intrusion stars Robert John Burke (Gossip Girl), Sarah Minnich (Better Call Saul), Yvette Fazio-Delaney (Bare), Clint Obenchain (News of the World), Mark Sivertsen (Passions) and Megan Elisabeth Kelly (The Social Dilemma).

Intrusion is the latest in a string of thrillers that have reached the top ten list on Netflix. Last week, Ryan Reynolds notched another hit on the streaming site with his 2012 drama Safe House, and before that, Bruce Willis climbed the rankings with his 2003 war flick Tears of the Sun.

We know what we'll be watching this weekend.

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