Are you looking for a haunting streaming option that’s actually believable? Look no further than Haunted: Latin America, which just took priority on our must-watch list.

The brand-new series premiered on Netflix less than 48 hours ago, and it’s already claimed a spot on the streaming service’s list of top-rated shows. (It’s currently ranked at number nine behind Who Killed Sara?, The Irregulars, Ginny & Georgia, Big Time Rush, Cocomelon, Nailed It! Double Trouble, iCarly and Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.)

So, what is Haunted: Latin America about? The series is a spin-off of the 2018 show Haunted, which reenacts real-life ghost stories. This particular version focuses on Latin America and dives into some of the region’s spookiest and creepiest tales of all time.

Although it features narrations from the people who experienced the paranormal activity firsthand, the show is told through a variety of staged scenes, so the jump scares are aplenty. (You’ve been warned.)

Haunted: Latin America only consists of five episodes, all of which are around 30 minutes long—excluding the first installment, which is just under 50 minutes. It’s an ideal length to watch in segments or, if you’re feeling adventurous, in one continuous stream. (You know, like a really long scary movie.)

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