‘Firefly Lane’ Season 2 Finale: Fans Will Never Listen to Coldplay the Same Way Again

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Fans of the book have been dreading this moment. Those who didn’t read it likely never saw it coming. But regardless of how you feel, it’s time to discuss the part 1 finale of Firefly Lane season 2.

The first part of the show’s second season premiered on Netflix this week, and it included nine binge-worthy episodes. The finale introduced a not-so-shocking twist that set the stage for what’s to come in part 2 (expected sometime in 2023).

firefly lane season 2 finale twist sarah chalke

It all starts when Kate (Sarah Chalke) notices a rash on her breast that doesn’t go away. When she visits the doctor, she is diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer…and her prognosis isn’t good.

So, what does this twist mean for Part 2 of Firefly Lane season 2? Well, there’s a good chance that fans will never be able to listen to “The Scientist” by Coldplay (which plays during the montage) the same way again. And the show is probably going to get more emotional in Part 2.  

Even if Netflix partially changes the story line, Kate’s journey is likely unchanged because it’s such a huge part of the book. However, the streaming service has a unique opportunity to flesh out Kate and Tully’s relationship in ways the book couldn’t do.

firefly lane season 2 finale twist netflix

In the book, the twist happens so fast that it’s hard to process everything before the novel ends. (Hence why many readers admit to reading it multiple times.) But the show can take it one step further by offering something the book lacked: closure. Especially since Kate and Tully aren’t speaking at the time of Kate’s diagnosis. Plus, it can also more deeply explore what happens after Kate’s cancer diagnosis.

How does Johnny (Ben Lawson) cope? And what happens with Tully’s relationship with Marah (Yael Yurman)? Fans want answers to these questions—and Netflix can make it happen.

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