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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

If you’re anything like us, then you can’t stop thinking about what’s to come in Firefly Lane. For example, is the show returning for season two? Is Johnny (Ben Lawson) dead? And finally, will Tully (Katherine Heigl) and Kate (Sarah Chalke) rekindle their friendship?

While we wait for Netflix to renew the popular series for more installments, we searched the internet for all the best spoilers about Firefly Lane season two. Much to our delight, we found quite a few promising theories.

firefly lane season 2 spoilers kate tully
Courtesy of Netflix

We’ll start with this burning question: What happened between Tully and Kate? Season one ends with Tully randomly showing up at Kate’s dad’s funeral, even though she hasn’t spoken to her lifelong BFF in months. Kate promptly references their falling out and asks Tully to leave, saying she’s not welcome.

There’s a good chance the rift in their friendship has to do with Kate’s soon-to-be ex-husband, Johnny. One theory is that he sleeps with Tully (again). If Tully were to betray Kate in the midst of her divorce (knowing she still has feelings for Johnny), we’d understand why Kate doesn’t want anything to do with Tully at this point in her life. Either that, or Tully crosses the line with Kate’s daughter, Marah (Yael Yurman).

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firefly lane season 2 spoilers johnny

Speaking of Johnny, many fans are concerned about his future on the show, since season one concludes with the character traveling to Iraq, where he’s involved in a large explosion. We can’t confirm whether it’s fatal or not, but if we’ve learned anything from other Netflix shows, it’s to never take cliffhangers too seriously.

Even Lawson isn’t too worried about his character’s future on the show. After joking about being “the last person to know,” he admitted that he would “love for Johnny to survive the blast.” Besides, there’s still far more storyline to explore between Kate, Johnny and—dare we say—Tully.

Fans are also wondering if the Netflix series will end the same way as the book. If so, there’s a good chance season two of Firefly Lane will explore (or, at the very least, introduce) Kate’s future battle with cancer.

firefly lane season 2 spoilers
Courtesy of Netflix

Firefly Lane originally premiered on Netflix earlier this month, but it’s based on the namesake novel by Kristin Hannah. Although Netflix hasn’t officially renewed Firefly Lane for season two, star Brandon Jay McLaren (who plays Travis) confirmed that there’s far more story to tell.

“You’ll see if you’ve read the book, but we’re only on the first season, and there’s so much story to tell. So, my hope is that we’re going to go on for multiple seasons because the first one just, sort of, scratches the surface,” he told PureWow. “When we go back, my hope is that Travis and Kate are able to let their guard down a little more and go with the flow. And maybe recognize the feelings that they have for one another.”

Your move, Netflix.

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