The ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 Trailer Is Finally Here & It’s Filled with Glam Fashion

It’s official: Emily in Paris is back for amour.

Netflix just dropped a brand-new trailer for Emily in Paris season two, which picks up right where we left off in the first installment. You know, with the aftermath of that steamy kiss. (More on this later.)

In the trailer, Emily (Lily Collins) reminds viewers of her love triangle with Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Camille (Camille Razat). “When I went to say goodbye to Gabriel,” she says, “it turned into the most incredible night of sex that I ever had in my entire life!”

“Get it, girl!” Mindy (Ashley Park) says. To which Emily responds, “No!”

When people start to question why Gabriel changed his mind and decided to stay in Paris (*ahem*), Emily is forced to come clean. But will the drama make her question her decision to stay in France?

“I used to be so decisive,” Emily says. “And ever since I moved to Paris, my life has just been chaotic and dramatic and…complicated.”

Mindy adds, “You need to decide what you want and not what’s gonna make everyone else happy.” Of course, the fashion is even more glamorous than it was in the first season.

Several O.G. cast members are returning for Emily in Paris season two, including William Abadie, Eion Bailey and Kate Walsh. Lucien Laviscount (Scream Queens), Jeremy O’Harris (Slave Play) and Arnaud Binard (Maison Close) are also joining as newcomers.

Emily in Paris season two will hit Netflix on December 22, just in time for a holiday binge-watching session.

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