The 20 Best Documentaries on the Royal Family for Every Kate Middleton or Queen Elizabeth Stan

Sure, you could get your royal fix by re-watching Netflix's The Crown for the seventh time (and we wouldn’t blame you at all). But if you’re craving new content, then allow us to present the 20 best documentaries on the royal family. Whether you’re curious to know more about Kate Middleton’s humble beginnings or need a refresher on Her Majesty’s seven-decade reign, these insightful docs will help you brush up on your royal history.

30 Best Movies & Shows that Depict the British Royal Family

1. ‘charles & Diana: 1983’ (2020)

Travel back to 1983 as the couple embarks on one of the most famous royal tours. Aside from offering insight on Princess Diana's rise to fame (or "Diana-mania"), the doc also explores her seemingly perfect romance with Prince Charles.

2. ‘kate Middleton: Working Class To Windsor’ (2017)

Calling all Kate Middleton stans! This doc shines a spotlight on the duchess’s intriguing journey, including her life before Prince William, her quick transition to royalty and her growing impact on the world.

3. ‘becoming Princess Diana’ (2020)

The film documents Diana’s fascinating journey from a shy, country girl to the People’s Princess. Through interviews and archival footage, the film shows how she struggled to deal with constant media attention.

4. ‘the Royal House Of Windsor’ (2017)

Need to brush up on your history? This thorough and eye-opening docuseries takes a deep dive into the British royal family’s many years of leadership, dating back to King George V's reign during World War I.

5. ‘a Queen Is Crowned’ (1953)

Narrated by Laurence Olivier, the doc offers a sneak peek at Her Majesty’s coronation. Cheers to dazzling regal gowns!

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6. ‘queen Victoria: Secrets Of A Queen’ (2017)

The film recounts Queen Victoria's complicated life, including her journey to the throne and her seven (yes, seven) assassination attempts.

7. ‘prince Charles At 70’ (2019)

To celebrate his 70th birthday, PBS released an intimate movie for the Prince of Wales, which discusses his passion for philanthropy. The documentary includes interviews with his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, and his two sons, William and Harry.

8. ‘prince Philip: The Plot To Make A King’ (2015)

The average person might think that Elizabeth and Philip’s decades-long romance was a fairytale from the start, but that wasn’t the case. This revealing doc details the real story behind their royal union, which initially caused quite a stir within the British monarchy due to his German heritage.

9. ‘princes Of The Palace’ (2015)

This telling documentary focuses on Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry. It features rare interviews with royal biographers, correspondents and former employees of the royal family.

10. ‘the Majestic Life Of Queen Elizabeth Ii’ (2013)

Featuring appearances by Hugo Vickers, Camilla Tominey and the queen herself, this informative doc offers an in-depth look at the monarch's life, dating back to her younger days as a princess.

11. ‘the Queen Mother: A Royal Century’ (1999)

Get to know Her Majesty’s beloved mother in this detailed documentary on the famous royal, which discusses her upbringing, her family and her reign as queen.

12. ‘margaret: The Rebel Princess’ (2019)

The two-part series focuses on Queen Elizabeth’s little sister, Princess Margaret, who was known as the “rebellious” sibling due to her carefree lifestyle and many romances. The doc shows how the late royal redefined what it means to be a modern princess.

13. ‘william And Kate: Into The Future’ (2011)

If you’re fascinated by Princess Diana’s story, then you’ll definitely take a liking to Kate Middleton’s story. See how she went from college student to Duchess of Cambridge in the span of a decade.

14. ‘the Story Of Diana’ (2017)

In a moving and honest tribute to the world's favorite princess, this documentary walks viewers through Diana's life and legacy, highlighting her strengths, flaws and complex personality.

15. ​​’diana: In Her Own Words’ (2017)

Using rare recordings from past interviews, this TV documentary gets up close and personal with Princess Di, covering everything from her troubled marriage to her tragic death in 1997.

16. ‘diana, Our Mother: Her Life And Legacy’ (2017)

Prince William and Prince Harry join forces to honor their late mother by reflecting on their favorite memories. The royal brothers not only discuss her impact, but they also give fans a more intimate look at her life as a mom.

17. ‘the Real Camilla: Hrh The Duchess Of Cornwall’ (2018)

Who is the Duchess of Cornwall? Learn more about Camilla Parker Bowles, one of Britain’s most private royals, in this candid film.

18. ‘diana: 7 Days That Shook The World’ (2017)

You may want to grab some tissues for this one, because it focuses on the heartbreaking aftermath of Princess Diana's death. When it first aired, the film immediately became the most-watched program in the U.K.

19. ‘kate: A Young Queen In Waiting’ (2021)

Aside from highlighting Middleton’s rise to popularity, the doc also features rare footage of the duchess during the recent coronavirus pandemic.

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20. ‘inside Kensington Palace: Fit For A Princess’ (2018)

Have you ever wanted to take a tour of Kensington Palace? Well, this semi-virtual tour offers a glimpse inside the world's oldest inhabited castle.

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