8 ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 6 Theories That Will Leave LaRusso Fans Reeling

Cobra Kai season six theories: johnny lawrence, daniel larusso together with dojo
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*Warning: Major spoilers ahead*

Sure, sure, Netflix hasn’t set a release date for Cobra Kai season six yet, but that won’t stop us from envisioning what the series’ grand finale will look like. To be honest, we’ve been theorizing how this show will wrap up since that juicy final episode of season five, where—spoiler!—Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) got his comeuppance and it was revealed that John Kreese (Martin Kove) was alive, well and a fugitive, having faked his death to break out of jail.

So, what are our Cobra Kai season six predictions? So glad you asked, because we’ve got a lot to discuss.  

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cobra kai season six theories: kreese sits in jail
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1. Kreese Will Take Down the Dojo He Created

What’s made Cobra Kai stand out over the seasons is how it’s taken the Karate Kid narrative and thrown it on its head, showing new sides to familiar characters to give them more depth, and well, humanity. Kreese has been key here.

In the past five seasons, we’ve seen how Kreese’s upbringing, death of his fiancée and time in the military have shaped him into the series’ hard-edged antagonist. And, gradually, we’ve seen how that pain has really made him an anti-hero; he still has some integrity and morals. In order for his redemption to come full circle, he must destroy the thing he loves most—Cobra Kai—and create a new dojo.

How can he do that when he’s, uh, presumed dead? Early on in season six, we predict he’ll reveal himself to Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), who he’s always viewed as a son, and gain his trust to work alongside him to prepare Miyagi-Do for its biggest tournament ever, the Sekai Taikai.

2. Sensei Kim Will Take Over Cobra Kai

Now that Stingray (Paul Walter Hauser) has come forward and admitted Silver beat him, not Kreese, we have the chance for Kreese’s name to be cleared (though how he’ll be totally cleared for, uh, escaping from prison may require some Hollywood magic). It also means season five ended with the show’s super villain, Silver, getting arrested. So, who will lead Cobra Kai now? Sensei Kim Da-Eun (Alicia Hannah-Kim), obvi.

Her grandfather taught Kreese and Silver karate, she wants his legacy restored on an international scale and she’s just as cutthroat as Silver. And she can get Cobra Kai’s students to prove they’re serious fighters, making them believe that winning Sekai Taikai will prove to everyone they’re the best around—and wash off the disgrace of learning their former sensei (Silver) had paid off refs and cheated their way to the top.

Cobra Kai season six theories: tory stands with cobra kai, but not anymore

3. Tory Nichols Is Key to Kreese’s Redemption

While Nichols (Peyton List) ended season five frustrated with Kreese, feeling like nothing good could come from associating with him, he is the one protective, parent-like figure she has. And given her mother’s illness and her aunt’s threats of taking custody of her younger brother, she’ll need some support as she fights to keep her family together. Eventually, she’ll learn Kreese is alive, and gradually see that he’s been fighting to protect her all along—in his warped way—and she will help convince the LaRussos and Lawrence to work with him to end Cobra Kai once and for all. (And in doing so, stop both sides from constantly seeking revenge.)

In turn, Kreese will step up to be the guardian he’s been working toward becoming, putting Nichols above himself, no matter the personal cost.

4. Lawrence Will Become the Father Figure Robby and Miguel Always Needed

So much of Cobra Kai touches on mentorship—what it looks like to have a strong role model, and what happens to a person when that role model is corrupt. Lawrence has been the lovable screwup for far too long, and last season, we started to see glimmers of him being responsible and trying to bring his family together. This season will complete that arc, as he welcomes a new baby and Robby (Tanner Buchanan) and Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) start to (finally) get along.

Cobra Kai season six theories about johnny lawrence and son
Curtis Bonds Baker/Netflix

5. Lawrence’s Baby Will Be Named After an ‘80s Rock Band

The man named his dojo Eagle Fang. His girlfriend Carmen (Vanessa Rubio) may sway him, but there’s gotta be an homage to Guns N’ Roses or Def Leppard in there somewhere. Axl Rose Lawrence has a certain ring to it, right?

6. Hilary Swank (aka Julie) Will Appear—in Name Only

Yeah, yeah, showrunners have hinted that there are “chess pieces we haven’t played with yet” from the original Karate Kid franchise, and the number one question Hilary Swank is asked is whether she’ll appear in Cobra Kai. But given her mega-star status, the fact that no one has asked her to appear yet and the fact that she’s expecting twins and focusing on her role as new mom, it seems unlikely she’ll have a recurring role. Maybe a cameo, but even then, she wasn’t really part of LaRusso’s Karate Kid series. It’d be a stretch, but maybe they give a nod to her in LaRusso seeking wisdom from her, since he can’t turn to Mr. Miyagi. Which could be handled via text or phone call (aka Hollywood’s workaround for referencing a character without including the actor).   

Cobra Kai season six theories: daniel larusso lounges on chair

7. LaRusso Will Finally, Actually Choose His Family Over Pride

Cobra Kai showed us that Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) is kind of a jerk, and that his pride—and desire to prove he’s better than Cobra Kai—can consume him. As Miyagi-Do prepares for the Sekai Taikai, this will surely haunt him, but it seems like a fitting swan song for him to realize his role as a moral compass for Lawrence, stepping back to focus on his family. And in turn, letting Lawrence step into his role as a true mentor, taking the reins at Miyagi-Do.

8. Miyagi-Do Will Not Win Sekai Taikai

The young dojo needs something to work toward in the (offscreen) future, and it’d be too easy to give them the win. They’ll definitely beat Cobra Kai, but we’re predicting a new victor will emerge. You’ve got to keep those Karate Kids humble, OK?   

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