‘Bridgerton’ Intimacy Coordinator Reveals BTS Deets on Those Steamy Sex Scenes

"I burn for you."

Those are the words that made millions of people burn for Netflix's Bridgerton and the quote that preceded one of the show's many famous sex scenes (and if you don't know what we're talking about, get your remote and skip to episode 5 immediately).

The wide discussion around Bridgerton's sex scenes is due in part to the work that went into making them appealing and realistic. Lizzy Talbot, who worked as the intimacy coordinator for the series, revealed all the details behind the scenes of this "intimacy circus."

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Liam Daniel/Netflix

Talbot revealed that the hardest scene to accomplish was the honeymoon montage in episode 6, titled "Swish." In this episode, Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset (played by Phoebe Dynevor and Regé-Jean Page) spend three minutes cavorting around their new home as Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" soundtracks the scene.

In an interview with Insider, Talbot explained why this montage was so challenging, saying, "We were in loads of different locations all over the country, we were inside, outside, up ladders, we were everywhere! We were working in the dry and in the rain, on flagstone floors and up against walls and in Regency beds. So that was a bit of an intimacy circus going on there."

This three-minute clip apparently tooks months to film, particularly because of the rain. Whenever the actors got wet, it caused problems with makeup, hair and modesty garments, so the cast required extra time and care. "There's so much going on there," said Talbot.

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Nick Briggs/Netflix

When asked which sex scenes were the most fun to coordinate, Talbot revealed that it was those between Anthony Bridgerton and Siena, played by Jonathan Bailey and Sabrina Bartlett respectively. Tablot explained that they were always cracking jokes behind the scenes and the real challenge was "keeping a straight face all the time."

But if Talbot had to pick one moment from the show that was her favorite, it would have to be the one that takes place in The Reform Club, where Simon performs oral sex on Daphne. There was a liberating aspect to filming that scene, according to Talbot, who told The UK Times that, "The very first scene, day one, we were doing a scene of female sexual pleasure in a gentlemen’s club that didn’t allow women in until 1980."

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Liam Daniel/Netflix

However, Talbot's job goes beyond just steamy sex scenes. In an interview with Medium, Talbot highlighted the various duties of her job. She said, "I’ve been brought in for all sorts of things from a glove removal to a highly sexual tension argument to all sorts of sex scenes to sexual violence...There’s a misconception [that intimacy] only has to be physical. And that’s not always the case. Even if it’s physical, it’s not always sexualized."

If there's anything that Bridgerton proves, it's that Talbot deserves a raise.

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