‘Virgin River’ Season 4: Alexandra Breckenridge Waited on ‘Pins and Needles’ to Find Out the Answer to This Cliffhanger

It may be hard to believe that Virgin River cast members have the same burning questions we do about the Netflix show. But as it turns out, they do. And it looks like one of the show’s stars, Alexandra Breckenridge, found herself wanting the answer to a major season three finale cliffhanger.

As part of Entertainment Weekly’s Around the Table, the cast of Virgin River sat down to discuss season four. During the discussion, the 40-year-old Breckenridge revealed she was anxious to find out who the father of her character’s baby was.

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In the season three finale, fans learn that Mel is pregnant. But, she doesn’t know if Jack (Martin Henderson) or her late husband Mark is the father.

“I was on pins and needles to find out how Jack and Mel were going to deal with the pregnancy,” she told the outlet. “I was really interested [in] how Jack was going to react to the fact that it may or may not be his child. But I was pleasantly surprised with his upbeat attitude toward the whole thing.”

In agreement, Henderson chimed in and said, “There was a lot hanging on that cliff at the end of season three.”

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Despite all the relationships and drama, the New Zealand actor shared that season four fully encapsulates the message behind the show: healing and dealing with one’s trauma. “The show of course is about romance, but a lot of what appeals to people is the idea that all these people are broken,” Henderson explained.

He added, “We’re not just seeing heroes and people saving the day. They’re also carrying these deep wounds and they need each other and their relationships are the lens through which we get to see them grapple with their demons and their hurts, and the things that make them human and make them vulnerable.”

Virgin River season four is streaming now on Netflix.

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