3 Editors Tried the Vegamour HYDRA-8 Collection for a Month. Here's Their Honest Review of the Line

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On the hunt for some hydrating haircare? The Vegamour HYDR-8 collection just might be the answer to keeping your strands looking and feeling moisturized. The brand is already known for its popular GRO collection, which features buzzy products like the GRO Essential Kit and GRO+ Advanced Gummies. However, their newest collection focuses on dry and damaged strands. We had three editors with different hair types try out the HYDR-8 line to see if it really holds up to its claims. Read on for our honest thoughts on whether it’s worth adding to your wash routine. 

Can Prose’s Custom Line Really Transform Your Hair? 3 Editors Put It to the Test

Meet the Testers: 

  • Olivia Kappler is a commerce editor at PureWow. Kappler has dry, fine hair and an oily scalp.
  • Destinee Scott is an assistant editor of sales and deals at PureWow. Scott has dry, wavy and thick hair.
  • Chelsea Candelario is an associate editor at PureWow. Candelario has high porosity, curly and color-treated hair.

For starters, it took all of us a few tries to realize we had to twist the cap to access the product. Once we figured this out, we all appreciated how this dispensing method ensured that we got the right amount of product without making a mess in the shower or having a shampoo cap slip out of our fingers mid-wash. We also give kudos to the gentle formula, which features karmatin (the brand’s vegan silk alternative to keratin and silicone), magnolia bark extract and aloe vera, which helps cleanse, hydrate and soothe strands. However, the results left us pretty divided. While Dubyak enjoyed the rich lather and how it didn’t weigh down her locks, Scott and Candelario felt it dried out their hair a little too much.

Dubyak: I love how I can use a small amount of product and still get a substantially sudsy lather. However, the scent was overwhelming and not my favorite. It has an overpowering flowery smell that doesn’t work for me. I’m also torn on the design of the bottles because it’s not the most efficient. It has a twist opening, which prevents spills, but it’s not intuitive for the first-time users.

Scott: I laughed at myself because I kept trying to unscrew the top until I realized that all I had to do was turn the cap to squeeze out the shampoo. I loved this feature BTW, especially since I've never had a shampoo cap like it before. The shampoo reminded me of the Olaplex No.4C Bond Maintenance shampoo for the way it instantly dried my hair out. The shampoo instantly dried my hair out, which made it difficult to comb through my curls. And even though it did a fine job of clearing away residue and dirt from my scalp, I was disappointed that it didn’t deliver on hydration, which is supposed to be the line's biggest selling point.

Candelario: I love the shampoo design and thought it was super clever, but I’m not a big fan of the shampoo itself. It left my hair feeling super dry. I also have to agree with Destinee that it was difficult to divide my hair and prep it for conditioner. While it did an OK job at cleansing my scalp, I still felt like I had buildup remaining after I rinsed. Suffice to say, the shampoo was not my favorite product in the collection.

On the flip side, the conditioner gets major props for hydration without weighing things down across all our hair types. All three editors appreciated how the product moisturized and detangled their hair. The formula includes karmatin to strengthen strands, marula oil to nourish them and murumuru seed oil to reduce frizz and add shine. Scott credits it for revamping her parched strands. Meanwhile, Dubyak points out the gentle formula didn’t weigh down her fine locks.

Dubyak: I loved the buttery consistency of the conditioner. I used it from roots to ends and found it didn’t leave my hair feeling greasy or heavy afterward. It also helped detangle and moisturize my hair. Again, the packaging is frustrating, as it's made the same way as the shampoo. It also has a similar scent to the shampoo which doesn’t agree with me. 

Scott: I loved how easy it was to apply the conditioner to my hair. This stuff is so smooth that it practically glided over my strands. I was able to effortlessly comb through my curls, which isn't always easy to do with other products. It was a complete 180 from the shampoo. The conditioner brought it back to life and boosted moisture tremendously. It felt silky smooth as I ran my fingers through it, and that’s usually a good indicator from my experience over the years.

Candelario: The conditioner really brought back my hopes for the collection. It made up for what the shampoo did to my hair, and I was able to coat my strands and detangle my curls without running the brush (or my fingers) through too many times. Once I rinsed, my hair felt softer and smoother. I also had less frizz and more definition.

Dubyak: I love that a little goes a long way with this mask. It has a slippery-yet-thick texture that applies nicely and is easy to rinse out. I can't say much about what I disliked about this mask since I really, really liked it. I would just note, again, that the scent isn't my favorite.

Scott: By the time I went to wash this mask out, I didn't notice a huge difference from what the conditioner did. I'm no hairstylist though, so I can’t confirm whether it tackled my split ends or not, but I will say that I received a lot of compliments on how healthy, strong and soft my hair looked. I usually trim my hair myself, so it's botched half the time, but after using this collection for a month, my hair was giving “I just went to a salon” vibes. 

Candelario: I’m a sucker for hair masks, so I was pumped to use this one. This one had similar qualities to the conditioner. Although the instructions said to leave it on for a few minutes, I found it more beneficial to leave it on longer (up to 30 minutes) with my hair. The product made a huge difference after I rinsed it out. My hair felt softer and more hydrated, but I also saw similar results with the conditioner. Overall, I think it’s a great addition that can be swapped interchangeably with the conditioner.

So, is the collection worth it? If you have dry and/or damaged hair, it doesn’t hurt to give this trio a shot. After a few weeks of trying it out, we can already see some small changes in our hair. Our favorite product is the conditioner, as it provided the most hydration to our strands. On the flip side, the shampoo received mixed reviews. (Upon further testing, it might just be better suited for those with finer locks, rather than on thick or curly hair.)

vegamour hydr 8 collection review olivia kappler
Olivia Kappler/PureWow

Kappler: If you can get past the strong floral scent, I would say the collection is worth the purchase, especially if you have dry hair. It isn't a huge bottle of product or anything, but the clean ingredients and hydration factor are a big selling point for me as I’m always trying to prevent breakage and dryness. The shampoo and conditioner packaging isn't optimal, but it's definitely something I can overlook, considering I do like the products themselves. 

vegamour hydr 8 collection review destinee scott
Destinee Scott/PureWow

Scott: I think the collection is worth it despite having mixed feelings about the shampoo. I did notice my hair felt nourished and silky (and WAY less frizzy). My hair has actually never been this smooth. I’m constantly running my fingers through it because I’m so impressed with what the collection was able to do to my strands. My ends look pretty good, and my hair is the perfect amount of shiny. I don't even need to pile on oil like I normally do. Basically, my hair just looks and feels healthier than it did before.  I think my go-to products may have some competition now because if my hair feels this much better already, I imagine it will only get better over time.

vegamour hydr 8 collection review chelsea candelario
Chelsea Candelario/PureWow

Candelario: I think the collection is worth it. I was nervous at first because of how drying the shampoo was on my hair, but the conditioner and mask more than made up for it in the end. My curls felt softer and looked more defined. I was able to detangle my hair without getting more knots or seeing a lot of fallout on my brush. I also noticed I have less frizz, which is major for me.

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