Vegamour’s GRO Gummies Have Added Inches to My Hair

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If you’re anything like me, having a lush and healthy head of hair has been at the top of your wishlist for a long time. And while there are tons of topical and supplemental products on the market that promise great results and don’t deliver, I can honestly report that I got exactly what I wanted from Vegamour’s Gro+ Advanced Gummies.

My hair grows painfully slow, and recently I’ve been struggling with breakage and dullness, too. After surfing through countless reviews for different hair growth products, I decided to try Vegamour’s gummies because of their use of clean ingredients and my genuine love for the brand (shoutout to their vegaLASH Volumizing Serum).

A Breakdown of the Gummies

These gummies are 100 percent vegan, and yes, they taste good as well. The brand notes their use of broad-spectrum hemp in the formulation, which is supposed to make your hair feel thicker and fuller. In addition to hemp, the gummies also feature hemp oil, biotin, folic acid and zinc to replenish weakened hair bonds, which strengthens your existing strands and encourages new growth to combat recent hair loss and extreme breakage. Each gummy also has 10 mg of CBD to give you a soothing effect when you take them.

My Experience

After the first 30 days of taking the gummies, I began to see subtle changes in my hair, from faster growth to a shinier, healthier appearance overall. Midway through my trial period I went to visit my parents in Pennsylvania. Upon seeing me, my mom, who is a hairdresser, noted how much thicker and glossier my hair looked. Bolstered by her comments, I religiously took one gummy per day as directed for eight weeks and saw incredible results at the end. It’s been a few months since I’ve taken the GRO+ gummies and I can definitely see a lack of shine in my hair.

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Honest Thoughts & Results

After eight weeks, my hair was longer and healthier looking than it had ever been. I gained about three inches total, which is amazing compared to the measly half-inch I would normally grow in a month. Adding these gummies to my morning routine was simple, as I already take daily vitamins, and the fruity-flavored supplements reminded me of the Flintstone chewables I loved taking as a kid.

The only downsides? If you color or highlight your hair, you will need more frequent root touch ups since your hair is growing in more quickly. The price is also a bit high, but if hair health and growth is a top goal of yours, I’d say it’s definitely worth the investment.

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