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How to Rock Smokey Eye Makeup When You Have Crows Feet
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Wrinkles, crinkles, laugh lines or crow’s feet: Whatever you call the creases around your eyes (we prefer sun beams in case you’re wondering), you know the struggles of applying shadow and having it migrate into those crevices as the day goes on.

To help mitigate this ongoing sitch, we asked Jenny Patinkin, makeup artist and founder of Lazy Perfection, to share her best tricks for wearing smokey eye makeup when you have crow’s feet.

Shun the shimmer

Opt for matte or satin eyeshadows that are less likely to leave behind flecks of glitter in your nooks and crannies,” says Patinkin. “And if you want to use shimmer, it’s best to concentrate it to the center of your lids and dabbed onto your tear ducts as a finishing touch.”

Use a very small, soft eyeshadow brush 

“Using a brush that’s larger than your lids will cover too much surface area and get into the crow’s feet danger zone. You want the bristles to be super soft, but slightly dense so they won’t splay and fling shadow particles onto your fine lines,” advises Patinkin.

Tap off the excess

“Always, always tap away excess eyeshadow from your makeup brush before putting it to you eye. The more you can control how much product might fall off the of the brush, the less chance there is that you’ll get it in your crow’s feet.” 

Apply concealer last

Don’t apply concealer until you are completely done with the rest of your eye makeup. As Patinkin explains: "Move your concealer brush in an upward angle from the outer corner of your eye towards your temple. This will clean up any excess product and smooth over fine lines and also create the illusion of a more lifted eye shape. 

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