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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s got the smallest crow’s-feet of them all? Thanks to the world’s first “smart” mirror, we’re able to find out.

What is it? HiMirror, which retails for $189, is basically an iPad/mirror/camera combo. (And it kind of feels like something out of a Jetsons episode.) Controlled by touch-free hand movements (no need to smudge itsreflective screen), it uses historical data to track your facial features—from dark spots to wrinkles to pores—and even allows users to program their skin regimens by scanning product bar codes. 

How does it work? Well, one functionality is that it uses the uploaded product info, historical data and other factors like the UV index and weather (thanks to its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities) to suggest, say, a certain type of moisturizer over another. Creeped out by the thought of a camera embedded in your bathroom mirror? With a quick twist, the camera lens closes manually, although you can also turn it off with the push of the power button (and it’s protected with an encrypted key for security).

Anything else? Yep, it can also remind you to toss your products when they’ve expired and recommend other skin-care products based on, say, your anti-aging goals and personal allergies, all while streaming your favorite Spotify playlist.

God, we love modern times.

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