7 Ways to Speed Up Your Hair and Makeup Routine

Consider this your morning playbook

It’s time to reclaim your mornings, ladies. No more frustrating battles with the liquid liner or accidentally burning your fingers on the curling iron because you’re in a rush. With a little strategy, you can streamline your routine to get out the door faster, calmer and oh-so-pretty.

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Prep Your Skin The Night Before

Save the skin-care rigmarole—any serums, oils or creams—for your bedtime routine. Not only will you buy yourself some extra time in the morning, but you’ll also wake up to smoother skin (and a smoother makeup application overall).

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Dry Your Face After Moisturizing

So you’ve saved the heavy cream for nighttime, but you still want a quick layer of light moisture in the a.m.. The problem: You have to wait for it to dry so your foundation doesn’t clump up all over the place. The solution: Give your face a quick shot of cool air from your hair dryer. Boom.

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Go Minimal With A Dot Of Highlighter

Dab some highlighter under your eyes before going in with the concealer. The light-reflective particles help to brighten up the area so you can use less product overall. Finish with a dot right in the middle of your lower lash line to further distract from any shadows.

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Stick To Cream Makeup

And use it all over to bring some color to your face without having to fuss with multiple products—or brushes. Find a cream blush in a muted hue like a dusty pink or tawny rose, and use your fingers to blend it onto your cheeks, lids and lips.

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Skip The Shadow

We love a good smoky eye as much as the next gal, but it takes a whole lot of lining and shading to get that sultry finish. That’s why we love a chubby shadow stick for everyday wear. Just draw a thick line across each lid—and don’t worry about getting it perfectly straight, because you’re going to smudge it all out with your fingertip afterward.

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And Consider Boosting Your Lashes

From tinting to lifting to getting extensions, there are many ways to enhance your lashes. And while they all cost more than a tube of mascara, they’ll save you the hassle of dealing with clumps and smudges every single day.

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Get Creative With Dry Shampoo

You’ve already been blasting your oily roots with the stuff, but a little spritz through the lengths can add major texture and volume, too. Give your strands an even coat and let the product absorb for a few minutes before styling.

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Give Your Hair A Super Quick Curl

Now that the oil and texture are in check, it’s time for a quickie curl job. Pull all of your locks into a ponytail and wrap a few sections around a curling iron. Now release your hair from the ponytail, give it your best Beyoncé head toss and get on with your day.