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Eyelash Lifts Are Now a Thing and We Cant Wait to Try Them
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We are unabashed when it comes to our obsession with lashes. A few coats of mascara (or a fresh fill of extensions) does for our tired faces what coffee does for our…everything else. So when we heard about lash lifts, we were immediately intrigued. Here’s the deal.

What it is: A semi-permanent treatment that enhances your natural lashes so they appear longer and fuller. This is a particularly good option for anyone who has stick-straight lashes (you know, the kind that fall flat no matter what fancy mascara you use). It actually lifts them without leaving that wonky kink you sometimes get from clamping down with a curler.

What it’s not: A traditional lash perm or extensions. You're using the power of your own lashes--just amplified.

What goes down: While lying on your back with your eyes closed, a technician applies a lifting serum to subtly curl your lashes. Then, another serum is used to set the newly lifted hairs in place. To finish, a tint (chosen from a range of shades) is used to darken each individual hair so it looks thicker. Just like extensions, you should avoid getting them wet for the first 24 hours. Unlike with extensions, you can wear as much mascara as you’d like--though you probably won’t need it.

The nuts and bolts: Each treatment takes about 90 minutes to complete, lasts anywhere from eight to 12 weeks and will set you back about $150. While it's not quite mainstream yet, more and more cities are getting trained technicians, so to find one in your area, email

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