9 Sephora Hacks You Didn't Know Existed

Sephora is where you go to blow your paycheck replace your makeup, but there are so many ways you could be getting more bang for your buck. Here, nine Sephora hacks (and perks) you need to take advantage of…now.

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1. You Can Return Used Products With A Receipt

Like that foundation that dried out your skin after you used it for a week. Or that lipstick you wore on Saturday night that you hated when you saw it in pics. With a receipt, you’ll get your money back--no questions asked. (Without a receipt, you’ll get store credit, which is still pretty sweet considering that lipstick was used.)

2. You Get Free 2-day Shipping With Sephora Flash

Think of it as Amazon Prime for your makeup. For a mere $10 a year, you get all the beauty products you buy delivered to your door within two days, free of charge (no minimum purchase required). Even better, if you need something overnight, Sephora Flash members can get it shipped for just $5.95.

3. Spend $350 A Year And You'll Get Extra Discounts And Gifts

Do the math and you might be surprised: That $50 foundation and $23 mascara that you replace five times a year earns you VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider) status. This grants you access to a number of Sephora perks--like surprise 10-percent-off coupons, free birthday gifts and invites to beauty classes (like how to perfect a smoky eye).

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4. Spend $1,000 A Year And You Could Meet Jennifer Aniston

That high-powered hair dryer you splurged on pushed you over the $1,000 mark. This means that you’re not just VIB--you're VIB Rouge, which means you get even more perks like free gifts, free two-day shipping, unlimited free makeovers and--our personal fave--invites to primo in-store events (like the chance to meet Jennifer Aniston, who popped by an NYC store once to promote a fragrance).


5. You'll Also Get Access To Your Very Own Beauty Concierge

Just another VIB Rouge perk. Trust us, the option to dial direct and instantly reach an expert when you have a beauty problem you can’t solve is gold.


6. Mini Makeovers Are Free

It’s pretty rare that going out warrants a full face of makeup. Sephora offers complimentary 15-minute services to all customers, regardless of VIB or VIB Rouge status. The trick is to insert the word “mini” when you make your request. Besides, all you’re really looking for is a bold lip…or eye.

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7. A $50 Purchase Gets You A Full Makeover At No Extra Charge

If you know you have an event, call ahead and schedule a time for a CMA (Custom Makeup Application). You’ll probably spend close to that for a new lipstick, anyway--might as well get the extra bang for your buck.

8. You Can Get Unlimited Free Samples

Sure, you can return anything you don’t like--but you can also take a variety of products (foundation, moisturizer, even lipstick and eye shadow) for a test-drive before you buy. Just ask an employee for help--they'll package everything up, no questions asked.

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9. Shopping In April Or November Gets You 10 To 20 Percent Off

All hail the flash sale. At Sephora, the big ones happen twice a year. Proof you should really never buy anything full-price.

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