The Best Times of Year to Buy All of Your Clothing (and Save)

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OK, so you totally need to upgrade your bathing suit/bras/rain gear, but dammit, when are the sales already? Here’s a quick cheat sheet of when to stock up on every single item on your closet’s wish list…and save.

Puffer Coats: January

Sure, your brain starts to think about winter layers as soon as temps start to dip, but if you can hang tight until January, that’s when you’ll have the best chance of snagging a major deal. Here’s why: Even though it’s the month that feels the chilliest, stores are already trying to make way for spring merch. Keep an eye out for post-Christmas sales on coats (plus, boots, hats and gloves) and stock up.

Cardigans And Sweaters: January

Same deal as the coats. With spring on the horizon, stores need to clear out pretty much all of their cold-weather wear. Pile on the pieces you know you’ll still love next winter.

Suits: January

It makes sense: After the holidays, work wear is the last thing on people’s minds. Which means it’s the time you’re most likely to snag mega deals on that tailored blazer you’ve been eyeing…or that pencil midi skirt.

Bras: February

OK, even if you hate romance, at least take advantage of all those deeply discounted Valentine’s promotions. (You can’t go wrong with two-for-the-price-of-one bras!)

Raincoats And Rain Boots: March

It may feel counterintuitive, but stores need to clear out rainy day attire before April showers get replaced by all those gorgeous May flowers. Sun is a bigger draw for them--meaning better deals for you on the rainy-day stuff.

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Yoga Pants: May

Since spring is the time of year you’re most likely to want to exercise outdoors, stores tend to slash prices on workout wear during this month. Think stretchy workout pants, but also running shorts, sports bras and more.

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Shorts And Tees: June

It’s the staple of summer--but before you’ve even shot off a firework, you’ll find clearance racks full of basics to stock up on. Guaranteed.

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Sandals: July

The early bird gets the worm: Post fourth of July weekend, stores are already starting to look ahead to fall fashion. Which means they’re slowly starting to push their summer merchandise to the sale section…like those pom-pom gladiators you’ve been coveting since early spring. 

Swimsuits: August

With summer fading fast, heavily discounted bathing suits are everywhere during August. Set a calendar reminder to keep an eye out for sales beginning the first week of the month so that the odds are good you’ll still find your size.

Sundresses: August

The time to buy all those classic and flowy A-line dresses at deeply discounted prices (sometimes as much as 60 percent off) is now. Your closet will thank you when temps creep up next spring, plus you still have plenty of time to creatively layer them well into the fall.

Sunglasses: September

True story: You’re much more likely to leave your Ray-Bans behind when daylight savings hits. That’s why stores slash prices after Labor Day weekend. Huzzah!


Denim: October

The trick is to wait until after the back-to-school rush. After that stores want to move the masses of denim they called in to make way for fancier holiday wear. (Read: Expect major mark-downs on those raw-edge jeans.) 

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Cashmere: November

Hello, holidays! 'Tis the season for buying luxury gifts for your loved ones (and yourself), which is why stores tend to discount their most premium goods. (Scan your email for promo coupons and deals.)

Sneakers: November

Running shoes are the last thing on anyone’s brain once the snow starts to fall. Plus, retailers need to make room for all the winter boots that will soon be dotting their shelves.

Pajamas: December

It’s the universal gift that you can give to your mom/sister/second cousin (and again, yourself). Stores bank on this and offer tons of promotions. Go nuts.

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