A Super-Easy Way to Give Your Manicure Extra Life
gilaxia/Getty Images

If you’re spending 45 minutes (and $25) on a manicure, shouldn’t you give it a fighting chance at survival? Here, a nifty trick for keeping your nails looking better, longer.

What you need: Rubber gloves

What you do: Any time you’re washing dishes, scrubbing your bathtub or doing anything else that requires submerging your hands in hot water, wear the gloves.

Why it works: Hot water erodes both the top and base layers of your manicure—quite obviously for regular polish but also for gels and acrylics—leading to more chips and an overall shorter lifespan. Rubber gloves protect your nails and, well, you get the idea.

Any other benefits? Hot water also dries your hands, so dishwashing gloves are extra useful for folks prone to dry skin, especially in winter months.

Won’t won’t I look like I’m from the 1960s? Own it. Twiggy lashes are back anyway.

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