The Best (and Worst) Beauty Trends of Every Decade

When it comes to beauty trends, what goes around comes around. We look forward to reuniting with some, but others, not so much. Winged eyeliner? Bring it on. Mullets? Keep ’em. Here, the best (and worst) beauty trends from the last 80 years.

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1940s nails
Margaret Chute/Getty Images

1940s’ Best: Nail Art

Nail art has been a thing for almost 80 years. Started from the half-moon mani, now we're here. Who knew?

1940s hair
George Marks/Getty Images

1940s’ Worst: Victory Rolls

Don’t get us wrong, this style is definitely memorable. But we’re docking some points for how much time it would add to our morning routine.

1950s eyeliner
Carlton/Getty Images

1950s’ Best: Winged Eyeliner

There’s a good reason this trend has transcended decades: It makes your eyes appear bigger, wider and slightly feline (in the best way possible).

1950s baby bangs
Hulton Archive/Getty Images

1950s’ Worst: Baby Bangs

We're pretty confident this woman's hairdresser was her snip-happy five-year-old niece.

1960s eyelashes
William Vanderson/Getty Images

1960s’ Best: Extreme Lashes

Twiggy started it, and everyone followed. We’ll always have a special place in our heart for high-drama lashes.

1960s beehive
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

1960s’ Worst: Beehives

Amy Winehouse tried to bring it back, but in our opinion it belongs in the ’60s for good. (Side note: That’s Dolly Parton, you guys.)

1970s hair
ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images

1970s’ Best: Feathered Layers

We’re talking full-on Farrah Fawcett hair. So iconic.

1970s makeup
Giancarlo BOTTI/Getty Images

1970s’ Worst: Barbie Doll Makeup

Sometimes, it’s OK to play up both your eyes and your lips. But add in bold brows and cheeks and you look like you're working the pageant circuit.

1980 lipstick
Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

1980s’ Best: Neon Lipstick

Fortune favors the bold (bold lipstick-wearers, that is).

1980 mullets
CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

1980s’ Worst: Mullets

The party called—it's nowhere near the back (or front) of this head, thank you very much.

1990s brown lipstick
SGranitz/Getty Images

1990s’ Best: Brown Lipstick

We know, we know. We didn’t think we’d say this either. But you have to admit it’s kind of polished and works on every skin tone.

1990s eyebrows
J. Vespa/Getty Images

1990s’ Worst: Overplucked Eyebrows

Are you there, brows? It's me, Tweezers.

2000 glossy lips
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

2000s’ Best: Glossy Lips

Why did we ever stop wearing gloss, which makes lips look naturally plumper in a way no matte lipstick ever could?

2000s fake tans
George De Sota/Getty Images

2000s’ Worst: Fake Tans

A. Tanning beds are dangerous. B. If your natural skin color is orange, you should see a doctor.

2000s eyebrows
Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

2010s’ Best: Bold Eyebrows

We’re petitioning for this one to stay here for a long, long time.

2010 contour
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

2010s’ Worst: Extreme Contouring

Unless your last name starts with Kardashian, do not attempt.

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