How 4 Beauty Influencers Practice Self-Care While Working from Home

When your office and your home are one in the same, the lines of work-life balance often become blurred. Which is why making self-care a part of your daily routine ends up being more like an act of self-love. Here, four TikTok beauty influencers on how they stay happy and healthy (and keep their skin looking so good) while working from home.

1. Valentina D’amelio

For Valentina, self-care during the at-home workday is always making sure she steps away from her electronics to disconnect and recharge. “Having a moment to dedicate just to myself is everything! It truly is an act of self-love, and every woman deserves time in their lives to unplug and remember to love themselves,” she says. “Seeing the Plum Beauty products in my bathroom and beauty station is an instant reminder to give myself some love during the day. Each product provides different benefits, so it’s also nice to change my routine.”

“I especially love the Plum Beauty Eyebrow Shaping Razors, since I shave my face regularly. They are delicate, yet very effective! And amethyst is my favorite crystal, so the Plum Beauty Amethyst Facial Roller and the Vibrating Facial Massager not only feel amazing on my skin afterward, but also look good in my bathroom skincare corner. Both are very aesthetic!”

Shop Valentina’s favorites: Plum Beauty Eyebrow Shaping Razor ($5); Plum Beauty Amethyst Facial Roller ($20); Plum Beauty Rose Quartz Vibrating Facial Massager ($19)

2. Miyaeva Renae

“To me, self-care means caring more about my mental health and what makes me happy than what other people think about me,” says Miyaeva. And lucky for her, she’s been able to build her work around what she loves: beauty.

“I’ve blended my job with my self-care, which includes skincare routines, self-care videos, etc. I try to have a good balance between work and personal time, though, so I often take breaks to incorporate a sense of boundaries.”

In that personal time, she looks to Plum Beauty for her skincare rituals: “My favorite product is probably the Cooling Facial Massager—I feel it actually working on my face. But overall, I love the Plum Beauty products when I need some self-love because they’ve made me feel more confident and satisfied.”

3. Jade Mendivil

“To me, self-care means everything. Especially being a mom, you need time to yourself. I spend my time lighting up candles to set the mood, listening to some good music, and just giving my skin some TLC,” shares Jade. “Sometimes as a woman and mother, you forget to really just focus on yourself. Even if it ends up being just 10 minutes of our day, it can really help the mind and soul.”

“Being a stay-at-home mom and also working from home, it can get a little overwhelming,” she says. “But I take about 45 mins every morning to myself. In this time, I generally do my morning routine, which includes using my Plum Beauty products, as well as a quick at-home workout. I think focusing on my well-being has really improved my day-to-day energy.”

“Using Plum Beauty products has changed my skin game tremendously. Since using the Facial Steamer combined with the Cooling Facial Roller, my face looks so nice and hydrated. It actually makes such a difference when you take care of your skin. Your makeup goes on flawlessly, you feel confident, and who doesn’t like a nice, glowy skin finish?”

4. Kyra Gallego

Self-care to Kyra, a teacher, means taking time every day to make sure her mind, body and soul are replenished. But when she finds herself working from home, separating her personal and work time can be difficult. So she makes a point to set clear boundaries—no matter what. “If I let myself slip I will feel the repercussions later. For example, I do not work past 9 p.m. on weekdays!” she explains.

Another boundary that keeps Kyra feeling her best? Knowing she doesn’t need to break the bank to feel beautiful. “That’s what’s great about Plum Beauty: You can feel your best without feeling bad about it. It helps accentuate your natural beauty. And personally, I love the Personal Hair Trimmer! It works great on my legs and other problem areas where I need hair removed.”

Shop Kyra’s favorites: Plum Beauty Personal Hair Trimmer ($9); Plum Beauty Eyebrow Shaping Razor ($5); Plum Beauty Facial Hair Remover ($14); Plum Beauty Facial Cleansing System ($10)

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