This Japanese Blush Trend Is All Over Pinterest

orange blush hero

Here's a fun fact: According to Pinterest’s annual Global Beauty Report, the top makeup must-have in Japan right now is…orange blush.

On first glance the color might appear a tad too bright for, say, a Monday at the office, but we assure you: The genius of this sunny shade is that it can easily be adjusted to your liking by opting for a more coral-toned hue—or simply sheering things out with a sponge.

Also, if you naturally tend to run on the ruddier side, orange blush is a smart alternative since it won’t pick up any red from your cheeks. Instead you're left with a warm, believable glow that doesn't look unnatural come Christmas.

Three of our favorite formulas to try: Glossier Cloud Paint in “Dawn” ($18); Too Cool For School Jelly Blusher in “Peach” ($20); Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss & Blush in “Orange Fougueux”($40)

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