This Summer Skincare Staple Is Going Viral on TikTok (& It’s Not What You Think)

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If you know us, you know that skincare is our passion. As is recommending the latest and greatest products that are worth your time and money, whether we’ve put them to the test ourselves or they’ve gotten the seal of approval from another one of our most trusted sources: TikTok.

That’s why we couldn’t wait to share the newest unexpected staple TikTok girlies, moms and beauty gurus alike have been adding to their summer skincare routines. No, it’s not a pricey serum or cream (although we love those too) it’s, drumroll, please…bug spray. Not just any bug spray—the product that’s really got TikTok talking is OFF!® Clean Feel insect repellent.

Think about it: We’ve been spending tons of time outside with family, friends or just heading out on our daily hot girl walks (yes, we’re still doing those), and putting on SPF, sunglasses and hats to protect ourselves from the sun is second nature. Shouldn’t protecting our skin from unsightly, skin-irritating bug bites be too?

TikTokers galore are reaching for Clean Feel because it’s non-sticky, fragrance-free and feels good on skin—not oily or greasy. It’s also formulated with 20 percent picaridin, a highly effective active ingredient that provides long-lasting protection against mosquitos, but won’t damage clothing. The aerosol and twist and lock cap makes it easy to apply and carry with you whether you’re heading to the park or on a beach trip to Jamaica. Oh, and it provides 8-hour insect protection, so you’ll be free of mosquitos, ticks and biting flies all day long.

So make like these TikTokers and add OFF!® Clean Feel to your everyday going-out routine this summer. Your skin will thank you.

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