10 Unexpected Uses for Dry Shampoo That You've Never Thought About

Do we even remember a time before dry shampoo? (We’d rather not, actually.) Since it’s entered our lives, we’ve been using it religiously to keep our bangs fresh and save endless bad hair days. And now, thanks to the Internet (and some experimentation), we’ve found that it’s quite useful in many other ways. Here 10 unexpected uses for dry shampoo.

The Best Way to Use Dry Shampoo

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1. As A Texturizer

Fun fact: Many Hollywood hairstylists use dry shampoo on their clients to get that perfectly beachy look (like Chrissy here). Use it as you normally would on your roots and then lightly mist the mid-lengths and ends before going in with your curling iron to add some loose waves.

2. As A Volumizer

You already know what dry shampoo can do for dirty roots, but have you ever tried it on clean, shampooed hair? The starches in the spray bind to each strand, which increases their diameter, so you end up with a thick, lush ’do.

3. As A Styler

Calling all ladies with pixies: Coat your fingertips with some dry shampoo and pinch any puffy pieces together to add some definition and polish. Whereas waxes or pomades can sometimes be too heavy (especially for ladies with very fine hair), dry shampoo is much lighter.

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4. To Get A Better Grip

The only problem with freshly washed hair is that it’s sometimes too slick to hold a style. Luckily, a fine mist of dry shampoo gives it just enough grit to keep a braid or updo intact.

5. To Fix Mistakes

If you accidentally went overboard with the shine sprays and serums, spritz some dry shampoo onto your roots to sop up some of the excess. Let it absorb for a few minutes while you finish getting ready and brush it out before you go.

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6. To Groom Your Brows

Lightly mist a clean toothbrush (or mascara spoolie) with your favorite dry shampoo and work it through your brows. It will coax any unruly hairs into place, while also making them look thicker thanks to the starches in the formula.

7. To Cover Your Roots

Overdue for an appointment? (Um, always.) A spritz of tinted dry shampoo (they come in an entire range of shades nowadays) can disguise a graying hairline in seconds.

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8. To Work As A Backup Deodorant

Note: This shouldn’t replace your daily deo, but it will work in a pinch. The starches that are commonly found in dry shampoos help keep your skin dry (and most of them smell really darn good, too).

9. To Prevent Chafing

Many dry shampoos have sweat-absorbing ingredients like talcum in them. Mist it between thighs and inside your shoes to prevent any uncomfortable rubbing in those areas.

10. To Remove Static

Similar to hairspray, a shot of dry shampoo adds moisture to the air and onto your clothing so it’s less likely to cling together. Just make sure to keep the can a good seven to ten inches away before spraying. (Also, maybe test it first to see that it’s a clear formula before you accidentally spray a powdery mess all over your clothes.)

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