How to De-Static Your Skirt from Your Tights
Christian Vierig/Getty Images

You are wearing the cutest skirt ever, but your entire day has been spent tugging at the hem, which keeps awkwardly creeping up on your tights. (Damn you, static cling!) Here, the easiest way to keep everything in its rightful place.

What you need: A can of hairspray (the aerosol kind)

What you do: Point the can under your skirt, about eight inches away from your tights and give the area a couple of light sprays.

How it works: Dry air increases the presence of static electricity. Hairspray adds moisture to said air. Ergo, hairspray kills the static electricity that’s caused when two different fabrics rub together. (You can also lightly wet your hands and run over your tights throughout the day.)

So? Your skirt can now return to its natural swish.

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