It's Official: The Grown-Out Roots Trend Is In

Good news, y’all: You can (and should) ease up on touching up your roots. Not only will it save you time and money, but it also happens to be incredibly trendy at the moment. Don’t believe us? Here are eight of our favorite ladies leading the grown out roots trend and what you can learn from them.

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reese and ava
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1. Add Some Dimension

Whether you’re rocking a honey-blond hue (like Reese here) or rose-gold strands (like her daughter Ava), having darker roots provides some much needed dimension to lighter locks.

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2. Blend Them In

Ask your stylist for a shadowed root highlight that softly fades into the rest of your hair. Bonus: This looks even better as it grows out so there's minimal upkeep involved. 

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3. Don't Go Too Light

Still not sold on letting your roots come in? Stick to a color that’s closer to your natural shade from the start so everything blends in more evenly as your hair grows.

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4. Rock Your Curls

If you happen to have curly hair, you’re in luck. Overgrown roots are especially inconspicuous amid a head full of waves and ringlets.

scar jo
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5. Pair Them With A Pixie

Anyone who has ever had their hair cropped short knows that any tiny amount of growth is crazy obvious. Therefore, letting your roots show is as much of a necessity as it is becoming.

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6. Create A Distraction

Ask for a few lighter pieces around the face to create a subtle diversion from your roots when they start coming in. The strategic placement also brightens up your complexion.

olivia wilde
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7. Ease Up During Pregnancy

Olivia was one of many expecting celebs (see also Blake Lively and Chrissy Teigen) who let their roots come in during pregnancy. We’re guessing it had more to do with the safety of their unborn children than for vanity, but it didn’t hurt that it looked good, too.

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8. Tailor Them To Your Style

Good ol’ SJP. She's changed her hair as frequently as she’s changed her shoes, but regardless of whether it’s been curly or stick straight, short or long, she’s always kept her brunette roots intact—which just goes to show that overgrown roots can be incredibly versatile (and timeless, seeing as how she's been doing this for over 30 years now). 

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