7 Nail Art Trends That Will Be Huge in 2017

Love it? Hate it? Nail art is far from over, folks. (We’re team love.) In fact, thanks to Instagram you now have endless inspiration at your (ahem) fingertips, so you can choose the exact, sophisticated look you’re going for. But to save you some time before your next mani, we did a little research on the latest chic trends. Here are the seven looks we’re most excited about right now.

How to (Actually) Do Your Own Negative-Space Manicure

Color Blocking With Negative Space

Mark our words: You’ll see more and more designs with negative space (i.e., intentionally leaving parts of your nail blank) this year. We like pairing shimmery metallics with bold basics (like black or navy) for an edgy take on elegant.

Sleeveless Nails

Who knew that leaving the sides of your nails unpainted could look so chic? A strip of color down the middle elongates tips (hooray, nail biters) and frees you from having to worry about getting polish outside the edges.

Holographic Accents

Speaking of sleeveless nails, the effect is even more mesmerizing when paired with another big trend: holographic details. From shade-shifting polishes to strips of cellophane paper, adding some reflective shine creates eye-catching dimension on your tips.

Gemstone Nails

The geode motif is huge. (Like even-on-wedding-cakes huge.) And you can do it subtly on your own nails by strategically sweeping together metallic and jewel-toned polishes.  

Minimalist Lines

One of the simplest (and easiest to maintain) trends involves just a thin horizontal line across each nail. (Option to get a little crazy with it by alternating between two colors as seen above.)

Framed Nails

Another alternative for manicure minimalists is to use thin strips of wire (as shown above) or paint a skinny line around the perimeter of each nail with a brush. Like a dainty ring, it embellishes your hands without being too flashy.

Diamond Nails

Certainly the flashiest of the bunch, diamond tips are the latest update to last year’s glass nails. The good news is that you won’t have to wear any jewelry while you have them. The not so good news is that no other mani will ever seem sparkly enough afterward.

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