Praise Be: This Trendy Hairstyle Gives You a Mini Face-Lift
@beyonce/instagram; Gregg DeGuire/GEtty Images

Imagine a hairstyle that’s easy to accomplish, on-trend and makes you look years younger. Too good to be true, right? Wrong.

It’s actually none other than a classic high ponytail.

The straightforward style we regularly rocked as kids is back with a vengeance, and honestly we’re thrilled. In addition to adding height and keeping your hair out of your face, it creates the illusion of pulling the skin around your forehead and eyes back, making things look infinitely more taut. Think Botox, without all the needles. As modeled on Instagram by Beyoncé, Kerry Washington and Jane Fonda, a high ponytail looks good on women of all ages, hair colors and hair lengths. 

It’s also beyond simple to achieve: Gather all your hair at the top of your head and fasten with a hair tie or Inivisibobble. For even more volume or sleekness, tease the pony with a brush or thin comb or apply hairspray or gel from your roots to the hair tie.

Smoother skin and a perfectly unobstructed canvas for statement earrings? We’re sold. 

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