Metallic Nails Are Trending. Here Are 20 Ways to Wear Them Right Now

So shiny you could forgo jewelry

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PSA: Metallics are having their moment in the sun right now—and not just in fashion. As Pinterest’s yearly trend report shows, search for "metallic nails" have gone up 295 percent across the platform’s 480 million monthly users—and it’s easy to see why. Metallic nails can be sleek and sophisticated or cool and edgy, depending on how you wear them. Whether you prefer brighter silver tones, bold chrome toppers or a simple dash of gold detailing, I found 20 ways you can try metallic nails this summer.

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1. Classic Metallic

One of the biggest draws of rocking metallic nails is that they’re a statement on their own. Jewelry or not, your hands will be shining. They also tend to be more forgiving to paint with for our DIY manicurists out there.

2. Multi-Textured Metallics

More than just a straight metallic mani, this iteration looks matte in some angles and chrome in others, thanks to a combo of both polish and powder.

3. Metallic Cat-Eye

Aka the velvet manicure that we can’t seem to get enough of—just in a cool-toned silver. *Star decals are optional, though highly encouraged.

4. See-Through Silver

In case you were wondering, the caption (translated from Korean) states: “Silver is love. It looks pretty even when it grows out.” They have a point. The regrowth blends almost seamlessly with the delicate silver tips.

5. Mirrored Gold

Presenting: nails so shiny you can practically see your reflection in them.

6. Gradient Gold

Similar idea, but with a gradient effect and tiny heart details to anchor the design.

7. Gold Foil Accent

For something that’s even subtler, you could always just go with smaller metallic foil accents instead of ombré tips or a full metallic mani. Either way, the effect is still eye-catching.

8. Intergalactic Silver

For those who want to take their metallic manis all the way up…to outer space. (Note: This multi-dimensional look was created using a special sculpting gel, among other pro products that may require more skilled hands to use.)

9. Metallic Waters

Wherein we combine two big nail trends from the summer—underwater motifs with a metallic twist—to create something Ariel herself would take to her manicurist.

10. Marbled Metallics

Metallic, but make it marbled.

11. Metallic Blobs

Metallic, but make it 3-D. (Tip: This molten design looks especially fresh against a clear or neutral base, which also means a smoother transition as your nails grow out.)

12. Glazed Metallics

Hailey Bieber, eat your heart out. This semi-sheer glazed finish has become *the* modern day neutral mani because a.) it’s gorgeous, and b.) it goes with everything in your wardrobe.

13. Two-Toned Metallics

An easy way to elevate a two-toned mani? Apply a chrome top coat over it, of course. Bonus points if you pair contrasting shades together like so.

14. Playful Metallics

Speaking of pairings, though it might not seem like an obvious combination at first, metallics actually play nicely with pastels and brighter colors.

15. Metallic Purples

Fact: Adding a pinkish purple polish to the mix can soften an otherwise strong metallic.

16. Metallic Frames

Pink chrome and metallic details? It’s giving Zenon, and I’m here for it. Add a spritz of Victoria's Secret Love Spell and you’re ready to hit the school dance.

17. Pink Lava

This look features a similar but slightly cooler color palette than the one above, and it’s adorned with a 3-D design that’s more futuristic.

18. Silver + Black

Presenting: a classic combo made even more classic by its simple designs.

19. Nude Chrome

And here you thought metallics couldn’t be considered a true “nude.”

20. Nude and Gold

For the most elegant pairing, nude and gold always looks great together. And I’ll do you one better: This stunning mani you see here isn’t painted on or from the salon; they’re press ons that you can apply in minutes.

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