7 Summer Nail Trends I'll Be Wearing on Repeat Until September

Including the breakout color of the season

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I have mixed feelings about following most trends because they come and go so quickly these days and leave a lot of waste in their wake. This is why I’m big on expressing myself through nail art; it’s all very low stakes when it comes to manicures. You paint your nails or get them done, enjoy them for a few days or weeks and then you move onto the next. No buyer’s remorse in the form of shoes you wore once and never again—or a haircut that seemed like a good idea at the time but is growing out horribly, and at a snail’s pace. I’m just saying, if you’re currently bored with your look, maybe try experimenting with your nails. And with that, I’ll leave you with some of my favorite 2024 nail trends at the moment.

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1. Pearlescent Nails

I’m still thinking about J.Lo’s shimmery nails at the Met Gala last month. As celebrity nail artist and creator of the look, Tom Bachik, shared over email, “Inspired by a butterfly transforming in a shimmery chrysalis, we encased Jennifer’s nails in a translucent pearl cocoon.” To get a similarly ethereal effect, top off your tips with a translucent polish and chrome powder.

2. Milky Ice Nails

Another standout nail look from the Met Gala that I’ll be copying all summer long? Greta Lee’s milky ice mani, created by the brilliant Naomi Yasuda. The frosted white center and transparent tips offer a refreshing twist on nude nails.

3. Pastel Marble

Speaking of twists, I am absolutely mesmerized by Aistė Haas’s take on a marbled mani. Between the dreamy pastel colorscape and the additional crystal flecks, this is one nail trend I can’t wait to try next.

4. Lavender Fields Forever

If I had to choose just one color to wear on my nails this summer, it would be lavender. After all, the tranquil hue captures the spirit of season so well, conjuring up images of dreamy sunsets at the beach. The light hue also goes surprisingly well with most summer wardrobe essentials, like a breezy button-down or sundress.

5. Blushing Bows

Since first coming onto the scene in South Korea a few years ago, blush nails have been trending globally and remain a popular style in salons. Though they’re still plenty chic on their own, if you want to update them for 2024, simply add some dainty details (i.e., bows) on top.

6. Jelly Sparkle Fantasy

Between the glitter and the mismatching bright colors, you wouldn’t think this mani would work, but it does. I think the shorter length and rounded shape of the nails ground the playful combo, so it doesn’t look too over-the-top. Needless to say, I’m bookmarking this design for my next appointment.

7. Baby Boomer Nails

As I previously reported, baby boomer nails are a top 2024 nail trend. Named for the cohort who wore the look the first time around, baby boomer nails feature a subtle nude-to-white gradient that resembles a French manicure—just with an ombré effect to them. Best of all, the understated style is endlessly flattering on all nail lengths and works for all occasions.

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