Calling All Mani Minimalists: "Baby Boomer" Nails Are Trending Again

Elongating and elegant

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Before there were glazed donut nails, lip gloss nails and milk bath nails, there was Baby Boomer nails. Named for the cohort who wore the trend the first time around, Baby Boomer nails feature a subtle pink-to-white gradient that sort of resembles a French manicure, just with an ombré effect to them. Intrigued? Find out more about this flattering look, including how to get it yourself.

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Why Are They Popular Now?

If you think about more recent TikTok trends like "Balletcore" and "Quiet Luxury," the resurgence of Baby Boomer nails makes sense. The minimalist aesthetic is right on theme with those trends and, in a practical sense, they go with any wardrobe and work for any occasion or season. Also, the neutral tones and ombré effect have an elongating effect on your hands, especially when paired with almond shaped tips.

How Are They Different from French Manicures?

The only real difference between the two classic styles is that with Baby Boomer nails, there’s a gradual melding of the pink base color into the white polish, which is concentrated on the tips. In contrast, French manicures have a distinct line of demarcation between the two shades.

How Do I Get the Look Myself?

If you’re getting Baby Boomer nails done at a salon, we suggest you bring in a few reference photos that show the exact shades of pink and white you’re into and how much you want to gradient to pop. (Note: We’ve included a few examples here to get you started, but a quick search of #babyboomernails on Instagram or Pinterest will yield many more results.)

Prefer a DIY mani? We’d recommend using a latex makeup sponge to gently press white polish onto your base color until you get your desired concentration. Then, when the polish is almost dry but not fully, float a layer of top coat over your nails to add to the muted finish.

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