The One Trick for Looking More Photogenic in a Selfie

woman taking a photogenic selfie

Ahh, the selfie. Love it or hate it, it can’t hurt to know how to take a good one when the moment calls. (I.e., You’re on an Eat, Pray, Love journey of a lifetime and want to capture a snap with La Tour Eiffel behind you. Or maybe you’re having the best hair day of your life and now you’re obligated to capture the evidence to send to your best friend.)

And though we thought we were already following best practice protocol, apparently, we were wrong. So, here’s the one selfie trick to make your photos look even better than they already do.

Shoot from the side and keep your phone at eye level. Not from above as we had previously been told (you know, to avoid the notorious double chin) and never straight on but angled slightly to your best side (you know the one).

Exactly how much to the side you ask? Ideally, you want only one shoulder and half of the other visible in the photo. (See exhibit A and exhibit B with phone in frame.)

That’s oddly specific, we know, but we swear the effect is slimming and much less obvious than that aerial shot we've all seen (and, um, have been doing since the MySpace days).

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