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Each morning you take your time applying your makeup, carefully blending and lining everything to perfection. But then your products seem to stick around where they don’t belong (like, say, the collar of your shirt or the rim of your coffee mug) instead of on your actual face. Here, ten ways to ensure that everything is locked into place so you can go about your day without having to worry about reapplication.

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Start With Some Gentle Exfoliation

A quick rubdown with a warm, damp cloth will get rid of any loose dry skin—and help your products go on smoothly (and stay on).

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Follow With Some Moisturizer

Yes, even those of you with oily skin. A thin layer of lotion is actually necessary for keeping things in balance. Apply it all over your face and neck, and let it sink in completely (give it a good five minutes or so) before putting on any foundation.

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Use a Primer

If longevity is of utmost concern, you need to add a primer to the mix. It gives your foundation something to adhere to and acts as a protective barrier, so when your face starts to get dry or greasy during the day, it will keep your makeup from sliding around or clinging to any patches.


Check Your Foundation

In general, oil-free formulas stay on longer since they don’t contain as many emollients. But if your skin is on the dry side, you’re better off using a hydrating foundation (like a cream or a liquid) to avoid ending up with a patchy, uneven finish.

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Use Two Blushes

It’s called sandwiching—which is when you apply a cream blush before your foundation and then a powder blush afterward to really set the color in place. Better yet, try one in a warmer orange hue and the other in a pink tone to create a universally flattering coral that looks like a natural flush.


Layer Your Lipstick

For lips that last past your morning coffee, you want to build the color in layers. For this you’ll need some setting powder, your lipstick of choice and a similarly hued liner. Start by dusting your lips with the powder. Next, outline and fill in your mouth with the pencil. (This helps to anchor the color on top.) Finish with a liberal layer of your lipstick.

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Layer Shadow Over Eyeliner

Same goes for your eye makeup. To get that impeccably drawn line to stay in place all day, seal it in with some shadow in a similar shade on top.

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waterproof mascara

Switch to Waterproof Mascara

It is the best way to avoid getting those dreaded raccoon eyes. If waterproof formulas make your lashes feel too dry or brittle, try sealing your regular mascara with a clear, waterproof topcoat instead.

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Set Your Makeup

Always set your makeup—whether it’s with a finishing spray or a powder. This creates a much-needed barrier between your foundation and the elements (including the weather and your phone rubbing against your cheek) so your application lasts much longer throughout the day.

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Keep Your Hands Off

Honestly, you probably don’t even realize when you’re doing it, but touching your face throughout the day can cause your carefully applied makeup to migrate. Between the oils on your fingertips and the germs they come into contact with, the less you touch, the better your makeup (and skin) will look overall.

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