7 Secrets of Women Who Rock Gray Hair

Blondes may have more fun, but grays are definitely the coolest. If we’re being honest, wearing gray hair isn’t easy. It takes patience, commitment (it’s one of the most sensitive colors) and, above all—guts. So if you’re over masking your natural strands, transitioning to gray might be your biggest change for 2018. Here, a few secrets we’ve learned from the women who rock the color best.

The Top-Rated Hair Products for Dry Scalps

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They Use Purple-tinted Shampoo

There’s no better way to fight brassiness than with a purple- or blue-hued shampoo. It neutralizes any yellow tones that can surface from chlorine, sunlight and even smoke. We love Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo because it revives blonde, platinum and gray hair tones.

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They Do Lemon Rinses

Here’s a little secret: DIY hair treatments are the best. Gray-haired ladies know that a monthly rinse with lemon water (one lemon for every two cups of water) minimizes discoloration.

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They Avoid Waxes And Pomades

Heavy products can weight down gray hair, making it appear thin and unkempt. Try a shine spray to maintain healthy hair without the look (and feel) of super-greasy strands.

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They Wear 50 Shades Of Gray

When your hair is gray, wearing earth tones like brown, green and beige can wash you out. Opt for colors that complement gray hair (think silvery blacks, whites and multi-shades of gray) to create a cohesive, flattering look.

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They Always Put On Blush

Gray hair has many perks, but sadly it can also make your skin look pale and dull. Wear plum-, peach- and rose-colored blushes to help bring your complexion to life. Try Too Faced Peach My Cheeks Blush for a nice, buttery blush that works on every skin tone.

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They Understand Gray Doesn’t Make Them Look 10 Years Older

Gray-colored hair is arguably the number one hair trend for 2018, anyway. Don’t believe us? Just search #SilverHair on Instagram and you’ll see over one million posts of women (and men) of all ages sporting the color. So kiss the old adage of gray being only for grandmas goodbye.

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They Aren’t Afraid Of Short Hair

Ladies who rock this look know that when it comes to hair length, the shorter the better. Gray hair can require lots of upkeep—deep conditioners, treatments and avoiding heat—so a low-maintenance style is key. If you’re wearing it short, keep it layered for volume and added texture.

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